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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Karen and Squats

2 days ago I walked in the gym slapped 95# on a bar with 10 minutes before the 9 am class and decided to squat.

7 Min AMRAP Back Squat
Max reps with 95#

My score 140

My goal here was to do the largest set I could without setting the bar down, and with the remaining time get as many reps as possible.  I was able to go 140 unbroken and actually was on my way up when the buzzer beeped for 7 minutes on my 139th rep.  I did 1 more to hit 140 and then dropped it.  That was a PR with 95#.

Then the class deadlifted

1 Rep Deadlift


430 x 5

I went heavy more then for a 1 rep or 5 rep.  Feel good that this is not lighter weight then untouchable weight.  The WOD after this was:

150 Wall Balls

My time

This was a PR from 6:33.  I have never really done this WOD alone or fresh so I am not sure how skewed the 6:33 is.  My legs actually felt fine in was my anterior delta that were on fire.  I ended up having a busy rest of the day so that was it.


I did the class WOD again

For time
800 M Run
50 KBS 53#
400 M Run
50 Ground to Overhead 95#
300 M Run
50 Pull ups

My time

The ground to overhead got heavy and then the pull ups sucked.....and running as always sucked.  Good WOD though.


30 MU for Time

My time
3:43 PR

4:20 was the fastest I have done this before so I was pumped.  I have been working a lot on MU's and have been feeling a lot better about them.  I have really been working pull ups as well and just did 53 unbroken the other day and feel I can get over 60.....my goal is 75.  We had a competition class at 8 PM but I was unable to do the WOD.  I did do the strength:

1 Rep Snatch

I did not go higher because my quads were real sore and I did not feel comfortable in the bottom.


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