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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trippple Jackie

I still have never done Jackie but I can now cross off triple Jackie thanks to Main Site.  But first I did a partner WOD with Karen:

3 Power Clean & Jerk 155
-rest while partner works-

-:30 Rest-

5 Box Jumps 30'
3 Burpees
-rest while partner works-

-:30 Rest-

3 Front Squats 155
2 Push Jerks 155

I am not sure on the scores except we got through 12 Rds each on part 1.  After this:

3 Rds
1 K Row
50 Thrusters 45
30 Pull ups

My time

This was not a real fast time but I had a consistent pace.   After a bunch of meetings and fixing the fence with my grandfather in law I did a quick WOD in the living room:

5 Rds
10 KBS 2 Pood
10 Burpees

My time

Good day!  Now hangin with the little girl!!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Max Thruster, Class WOD, Tabata Sprints

Today did not go as planned.....less time to train then I wanted and found out I now have to work on Thursday which cuts into training as well, got to make due with what you can.  Soon I will be working in a Box all day....no excuses then!  But ill start with last night:

10 Rep Front Squat
255 x 10
275 x 10

275 was tough and my core gave out and I was collapsing on the last 2 reps.  I then ate dinner and hit a WOD that my wife added a twist to:

15 min AMRAP:
Buy in Max Handstand Hold
Buy out Max Handstand Hold
10 Thrusters 45# DB's
10 KBS 1.5 Pood

My score
2:02 buy in
9 Rds + 4 Thrusters
:47 sec buy out

The clock started when I fell from the wall and then again right when time ran out.  Shoulders were feeling it.  The thrusters were the hardest part and mainly putting them down.  Lower back was tight and setting them down on the living room floor had me trying to be as gentle as possible.

Now for today.  I got to the gym, like I said later then I wanted.  Started with:

Max Thruster (Regional Standards)
205 x 1
215 x 1
225 x 1
235 x 1
245 x 1
255 x 1
265 x 1 (FAILED)

I wanted 265 but I think this will not increase until my Push Press increases.  I will have to work on that.  When I finished the class was starting so I jumped in for the first time in awhile:

15-13-11-9-7-5-3-1 (Wore 20# Vest)
Deadlift 185
Ring Dips

My time

This was not really what I thought it would be.  I hoped it would be a little longer and that I would be gassed but I felt fine afterwards...I guess that is good but I was hoping to be beat.  I then jumped on the rower immediately after Wod:

500 M Row

then with a partner alternating, no rest except when they work:

2 MU's w/ Partner

I went through about 6 Rds and then I upped it to 3 for another 5-7 Rds.  he started doing one at a time which limited my rest and I liked.  I felt good and could have kept going but I had to head off to work.  Heading to the gym at lunch for some interval sprints.

At lunch I ran up to the Globo Gym.  Again I did something that is probably only seen on biggest loser.  Jumping on and off the treadmill while it is still moving....and when that treadmill gets going it is loud when there are 20 other people on treadmills/elliptical:

Tabata Sprints
12 % Incline
8.5 MPH

Hurt like always and it was SOOOO loud....and like always the mirrors showed everyone staring at me.  Having bright Orange shoes does not help draw attention away from me.  I think they are getting to know who I am around that place.  I got off the treadmill and walked right over to do you know what.....bench press....popped a squat right next to the guy doing incline flys:

225 x 5
225 x 4
155 x 7
135 x 11

I did these pretty quick and this was after doing some other stuff.  My goal was to go at 155 to unbroken and then 135 into unbroken.  Unfortunately, the guy on the flys could not hear me asking for a spot because of the headphones so I did my best without looking like an idiot and dropping the bar on my chest.  After the bench:

1 Mile Run

I went at a comfortable pace and picked it up when a guy tried to pass me.....oh no "I DO CROSSFIT" I said in my head.  To bad I was tired and felt like I was going faster then I was at this point and he was still close to me when I finished.  Off to the showers and back to work.

I should not have time for anything tonight but plan to have a good time tomorrow!!


I started slower then what I normally do these at because it has been awhile.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 CrossFit Games Season

I hear a lot of talk about the "Games Season"  and if there is an off season or not.  To me there is not an off season physically, but there is a mental off season. The time where you sit back and do more things you enjoy doing....take extra time off....do not stress about missing a WOD....etc...  My "Mental Offseason"  ended last night.  I woke up mentally ready and after getting back from the box this morning I said to my wife, "Games Training Starts today.  The dates I have on the calender are May 11-13 with the ultimate goal of July 13-15 the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games at the Home Depot Center in LA.  That gives me 3 1/2 months to get ready for Regionals.  The Open starts February 22nd and I expect to see big gains during that time and ultimately be close to peaking or peaking in May. 

Now the tough part lies with how does training change, more metcons, strength, longer WODs, set programming.....this is the part where a coach comes in.  So I say to you....I am going to do everything I can, test my body and push it farther then I have and not look at something and turn my head to it, but instead head full steam towards it.  I AM READY!  I will be contacting as many people as I can and I will begin following more CrossFit.com programming.  I saw a WOD yesterday the CrossFit Games Facebook page put up that Ben Smith did.....he crushed it by the way.  I decided to give it a go this morning:

Squat Snatch 185
*15 Toes 2 bar between movements

My time
7:30 (4:57 Ben Smith)

Well, that's one reason why I need to pick it up more.  He crushed me.  I did every rep on the snatch and dropped it while he did most touch and go....insane! 

I left the Box to get home early enough and fortunately the Fam was still asleep so I went in the basement for some more quick work before work:

10 Min EMOTM
3 Touch and go Squat Clean 205

Not to heavy but wanted to as quick as I could repping it out touch and go.  I plan to hit a longer AMRAP after work and do some squatting.

I am so ready to start this competition SEASON!  I want to see how far I can go and where everyone else can take there training!  This is going to be an awesome year.....

Here was a nice article By Josh Bunch for CrossFit HQ as well.  The only thing I would change is that I do my own programming but take good things I see or hear from people.

Urankar's Journey: 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Page

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rest Day

Decided to take a rest day
(This was me before CrossFit)

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Stare Factor

Today I decided to do a WOD where i was stationary in the "ROOM" as i call it.  There was one other person with me and it created what I call the "stare factor."  It is the persons time between sets that they can stare because you are so out of it or in the zone that they KNOW you have no idea they are doing it.  But....I felt it, and saw it because there are TONS of mirrors....here is what brought it on


10 Push Jerk 95#
5 Dead Hang Pull ups
Max 225 Back Squat

-1 Min Rest-


10 Push Jerk 95#
5 Dead Hang Pull ups
Max 225 Back Squat

My scores
5 Rds
28 BS
4 Rds
26 BS

I did this in sequence and when the first AMRAP ended I went right into the next one until completed.  I then took about 5 Min and did:

2 Rds
Max 95 OH Hold
-:45 rest-

My times

Good day and quickly in and out.  Back was a little tight from yesterday but it did not limit me.  The hardest part were the dead hangs in RD 2 and pushing through the Back Squats.  No talking again, the guy just stared.  Look forward to hitting another WOD tonight.

I was able to get a WOD in before bed, one that I tweaked from CrossFit Indy Norht:

10 Min AMRAP
7 SDHP 95
10 Bar Facing Burpees

My score
9 Rds + 1 Burpees

I thought I had 10 Rds but my pace slowed in the last Rds.  A good WOD non the less. 


Thursday, January 26, 2012


Why are there things that I can work at so hard, yet see little improvement on?  It makes me fell like I can't get to the level I wish to be at even with all the work I am doing to get there. 

I feel every one has something they feel or have felt this way about, and when relating it to CrossFit it may be a movement or a specific WOD.  One that you work towards improving on but it just never seems to be good enough.  I am a person who HATES the word can't!  But the above is not referenced to not trying... but failure to achieve what I feel is achievable.  Inside I know I will achieve it but I want instant gratification or at least a change that shows I am moving, somewhat quickly, in the right direction.  I try all the time but can't seem to get over the hump I have created.  One that moves me from average, in this movement, to elite.  A fortunate thing is that many movements that are difficult for some came more naturally to me including pistols and HSPU.  I took to these right away.  But, the specific movement I speak of is one that has ALWAYS been around and one that we all do daily unlike flipping upside down to push ourselves up or squatting with one leg.


They have been holding me back for a LONG time.  Ever since I tried my first one when I began CrossFit.  I lifted heavy weight since turning 15 where I began benching (like most people),  and by the time I was playing football in college i was cleaning 300# and squatting just under 500#....yet I was never told to deadlift....everyone always said how dangerous it was.  And now.....here I am stressing about my mediocrity.  I do not want to be mediocre or use the word can't.....but I feel by regionals there are many people better then me at this movement and I WILL NOT STAND FOR THAT!  I want to be the best just as the next guy does, and that cannot happen if I am not ELITE in the movement.  To me that is well over 500#.  The most I have ever pulled is 455#....and that was not to long ago.  So I see the gains there, but the WOD that has me feeling my gains are not truly where they should be is because of the Regional WOD!

Deadlift 315
Box Jump 30'

This is my nemesis.  The WOD that if I can crush will make me feel unbeatable.  Something I do not see happening for a VERY LONG TIME at my current pace....especially when my time is still much slower then what I did AT Regionals last year which I did today after deadlifting 445 x 3:

My time
(5:21 @ regionals - or close to that)

I STARED AT THE BAR!  Feeling incapable of doing any more without adequate rest.  WHY?  Why so hard, why slower, why do I struggle so much at this.  ALL YOU DO IS PICK IT UP!  Simple, unless your body tells you otherwise when the weight goes up....now that I let that out.....I can promise one thing,  I will crush it....and when i do.....WATCH OUT!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Globo Gym Super Sets

Back to the basics....remember the days of super sets, I LOVED THEM!  Well, I went back to my roots today.  Still got stares though.....maybe it was the weight vest?  I started with sprints on the basketballs courts:

Basketball Court Gasser (Down Back)
10 Gassers
Wore 20# Weight Vest
-2x Rest-

This was a nice change of pace.  After this I did my super sets, I went at a good pace but rested to fit in with the crowd.

5 Sets
5 Power Cleans 185 Touch and Go
5 Bench Press 185
5 Pull ups 20# Vest

No time, after this I increased the bench and did something real crazy there.....people were thinking I was real weird:

3 Sets
5 Bench Press 205
10 T2B

I did 10 T2B the 1st set, 2nd set 12 T2B, 3rd set 15.  I went unbroken on the T2B and then I headed to the showers.  Kept it low intensity but still wanted to get some work done.  Fun day!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Late post...you challenge and FS

Getting ready for bed so this wil be short and sweet. Busy day....all day. Workouts went like this:

5 Rds
10 ball slams 20# on 20' Box
16ft Double KB Overhead walk 53# each
10 Double KB G2OH 53# each
16ft Double KB Overhead walk back

My time


You Challenge

75 DU's
25 ft Handstand Walk
30 GHD Sit Ups
25 ft Handstand Walk
75 DU's
25 ft Handstand Walk

My time

Then at home:

Front Squat 5 rep

The last set of 305 was rough. I then hit a FS WOD:

10 Min AMRAP
5 Front Squat 185
12 Hand release push ups

My score
10 Rds

That's all with a lot of running around doing fun business stuff in between. Tomorrow.....the globo gym!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Mini WODs

I had a good amount of time this morning to spend in the box.  I wrote down what I wanted to do and did a good job of sticking to it.  I was not very happy overall with my performance today but I did do a lot of MU's yesterday in 5-7 reps per attempt.  I also did about 50+ strict/kip pull ups.  So with my excuses out of the way:

1 Rep Snatch

Failed 245 but felt good.  I was not very agressive but felt strong.  Had 245 overhead but was not in a good position in the catch,  Ill get 250 soon.

Open WOD 11.3
5 Min AMRAP 165 Clean & Jerk

My score

-2 Min Rest-

135 Squat Snatch

My score

-10 Min Rest-

6 Rds
5 MU's
5 Burpees

My time

I almost did not count the time because I was taking so long and really wanted to go unbroken on all the MU's.  But, I was pretty fatigued at this point.  And my lower back was on fire after the AMRAP's.  Next I took about 15 Min after the last AMRAP:

Ring Dips

My score

These I started breaking 3's by the end.  It was a overall good day, I did want to do Ring HSPU in between the MU's and the burpees but there was no room for me to have these set up and do.  Tomorrow should be another good day filled with a lot of stuff to get ready for the Box opening.

Globo Gym at Lunch

I got to the gym and was going to run 3 miles but decided to hop on the rower:

1K Row

My time

I was not going to hard, but hard enough to make my but hurt.  I then headed up stairs and went right into:

1 Mile Run (7 Laps)

Again, not fast but more or less just wanted to get a run in.  I then headed to do a Main Site WOD:

EMOTM 10 Min
2 Shoulder Press

My weight

I used 155# the whole time and it got tough on my last couple sets.  Overall not a bad quick time at the globo gym.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Globo WOD...Modified "Nancy"

I went to lunch prepared to do a WOD similar to Nancy but was not sure if i would do "Nancy" or replace it with thrusters and just run on the track.  I decided to think it over while I warmed up:

1K Row

My time

I did not actually look to see my pace but I was rowing a 1:50 the whole time so survey says 3:40ish.  After this I decided to do a modified Nancy:

10 Rds
230 M Run (1 Lap)
10 OHS 95#

My time

I had a lot of people staring at me and a lot of questions again, this time though I knew it would take longer and I had limited time.  I went right into the WOD and then was off to the showers.  I had a guy follow me all the way back talking about how there are only 4 legitimate people in this gym throwing weight around.....this guy was an interesting fellow....he then said, "and 3 of them are here....me, you, and Josh over there, he can throw weight around"  I said that I would only be here for a short time though and showered.  Overall the WOD was good and fried my lower back...some of that had to do with yesterdays deads.  I like having a new workout option.

My brother and his girlfriend came over and after a lot of talk about you know what (CROSSFIT)....I talked him into doing a WOD:

5 Rds
1 Min to get 30 unbroken 2 Pood KBS
-1 Min Rest-

My scores

I believe this is the first time that I have got 30 in more then just the 1st rd.  I am happy about that.  my brother used 1.5 pood.  It was cool to do that with him even though he only did 2 Rds because he deadlifted yesterday....he is just starting CrossFit.


Friday, January 20, 2012

First Globo gym WOD....found a Partner

As always when I am in a "Globo" gym, I get a lot of questions.  Before i get to that, I started the morning off with:

Warm Up

YES!!!  I was scanning the area, this place is big....and I saw....TWO Concept 2 Rowers....ran and jumped on 1 for a good warm up.  It was probably the worst machine i have used.  I looked good but needed oil, badly!  After this I headed up to an area far from authority and away from most people.  There was one kid in there.  And for the first 5 minutes he STARED at me.  He then asked, "How long have you been working out?"  I said, "Since High school."  How di you answer that question?  It developed of course into a talk about CrossFit and during the conversation I did:

3 Rep Power Clean Touch and Go
185 x 3
205 x 3
225 x 3
245 x 3
265 x 2

I had no chalk and was also very worried to drop the weight because it is carpet and they were metal plates.  I could have got 3 reps but I was worried about the potential of dropping the weight, especially since I was on the 2nd floor.  After the talk I was getting ready for a quick WOD and asked the kid to join in, modified of course.  He did 21-15-9 seated Row and Hand Release Push ups.  I did:

Power Clean 155#
Bench Press 135#

My time

The kid did it in 3:44.  I had to run out in order to get to the store and buy some stuff for the Pot Luck we were having at work.  a big snow storm is coming and everyone wanted Pita Chips and fruit.  Most of the things we have for the pot luck is actually pretty Paleo friendly.  I will be eating as much of the good stuff as possible and probably some hummus and pita chips. 

I will be getting home from work today at a decent hour and am excited to get some more work in tonight!  Get Better!

Tonight after dinner I went downstairs and hit some Deads:

10 Rep Deadlift
275 x 10
295 x 10
315 x 10
345 x 10
375 x 10
395 x 6

I was pretty upset because 395 felt heavy but I thought I could get 10....but in the muddle of it I got a call and thought it could be something with the business so I stopped and grabbed it at 6...it may have been a saving grace though.  I was beat so up though that I went into the WOD:

5 Rds
10 Deadlifts
5 Burpees

My time

I was going to do 8 Rds but my hammies started to give out and I thought about saving myself to be able to work tomorrow instead of being completely trashed.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

CrossFit 061 open April 1st!

BIG NEWS!  Chelssie and I are opening a CrossFit Box in Toscana Park located in Granger, IN.  I am very excited and cannot wait to start my TRUE Career!  I will be talking a lot about this but first wanted to just LET IT OUT!

As far as training goes, after the class I did:

Squat Snatch 135#

My time

I am happy with this time especially because I had no chalk.  I think I can get a sub 4 with some chalk.....sad that I rely so much on it....but like someone told me, it is cheap!  After this I did some pressing:

5 Rep Shoulder Press
135 x 5
145 x 5
155 x 5
155 x 5
155 x 5

I did not go for a max but know that 155 felt heavy but got easier each set. In between sets I did GHD Sit ups:

3 x 15 GHD Sit ups

I thought I would not have any time for another WOD but really wanted to get something in because I had to travel out to Rochester, IN today and would not have my Globo gym to fall back on:

5 Rds
10 Push Jerk 135#
10 Box Jumps 30'


I headed out and have been thinking about the Box all day.  There is a lot of work to do but I am 100% committed and ready to get going and follow my passion for fitness and CrossFit! 


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Official....Signed up at the local Globo Gym

I did it....it took awhile....but I did it.  I was there waiting for about 45 minutes until they could figure out I only wanted 2 months and that I would pay it all up front.  Simple, well they wanted a non direct withdrawal fee and they they wanted me to pay bi-monthly.....I kept saying "I want to pay 2 months and be done, no billing, no contract."  We ended up getting it worked out.  So I was off:

2 Mile Run (14 Laps)

My time

Back Squat
225 x 20


7 Back Squat 225#

This felt good but I was so worried about getting in trouble that I was really nervous.  Hopefully I get more comfortable in there within the next 2 months.  I also deadlifted a little bit but after people staring at me while I was doing 315# I decided to wait until I was in the Box to deadlift.  Still good to get some work in at lunch.


Recovery Day

I had plans to do some work but once the day got busy and I had to hammer some things down so the day was busy.  After the 5:30 class I worked on some Hand stand work and then:

4 x 500 M Row

I did 2 of these at a 1:55 pace and the other 2 at about a 1:40 pace.  Worked on technique and moving around a bit.  Other then that I stretched a lot and was busy all day.  I am planning to go sign up today at the Globo gym here and put some work in.  Should be a good day.  I will have an update later. 

On a side note I had a HUGE box of Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans that I had for the competition and I never opened....so.....the last few days has been full of handfuls of these.  I am getting to the point that I hope they run out soon.....this that many Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans cannot be good for you....but the taste amazing!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Nutrition - THE SMOOTHIE

I want to first say I love the e-mails I have received from doing this blog.  it started a long time ago to trace the path my fitness has taken from the days where i was trying to run LONG distances...fortunately I found CrossFit to put that to a halt because this is a much better direction for me.  It then came to be a place for me to put down my work instead of writing it on paper and stashing it away.  i never dreamed people would actually look at it and for that it has come along way.  I am inspired by what I hear and see everyday in the CrossFit community.  not for the Records being broken or the best getting better but those who are beginning on a journey with no end.  one that can change directions in an instant.  It is amazing to watch growth and change especially when it is in people and they are only getting better.  I will continue doing what I love and working as hard as I can to see how far I can go in what ever direction that may be. 

On that note I had received a lot of requests on nutrition and have been lazy and not posted anything.  So I am going to make an oath to post some nutrition stuff.  It will start out small and random when i can think to do it.  I am going to start with mornings.  I am a person of habit, as most of us are, and I do the same thing most every day:

Start with a smoothie and have for many years now, and I love and eat a lot of fruit.

Morning Smoothie
-1 cup Strawberries or blueberries, (normally it is either blueberries or strawberries. Recently it has been strawberries but I am switching back to Blueberries)

-1 Banana (I only recently started putting bananas back in my smoothies)
-2 Hand fulls of spinich (BIG HANDFULS....you can't taste it with the fruit).   I buy this from Sam's Club.  It is organic and only $2.99....awesome price and there is a ton of it. 
-Couple ounces Chocolate almond Milk.

-Coconut Milk - As much as needed to blend.
-Ooccasionally I will use water if I have no coconut milk
-Apple Cider Vinegar 1-2 ounces.
-Flax Meal (I just dump in as much as I think is needed)
-Progenex Recovery (as of the past couple months I put 1-2 scoops in)  this is really the only time i supplement unless it is a competition) 
Then I make a cup of coffee as this is blending and the smoothie makes about 40 ounces.  I drink about 20 ounces and then save the rest for after a morning WOD or as a snack part of the way through work.  I used to down it all right away, but now I cannot take that much in.
Then I make 4 eggs to take to work and I eat them about 30 Min -1 hour after I get there....next... more coffee.  I have at least 2 pretty big cups of coffee a day...... up to 4 cups of coffee a day (can be 20-24 ounces).  I drink nothing but water and coffee but I make sure I get in a lot of water between cups.  AND ONLY DRINK IT BLACK!  That is pretty much every morning unless my wife cooks me an awesome breakfast or we are not at home.

Central East Beasts!

Sorry for no posts, very busy with vacation and not a whole lot of working out happened.  Jada and I did a lot of traveling though and all my family around Florida got to meet her so I was very happy about that.  I did PR on COE though which was a big surprise! 

10 Rds
10 Thrusters 95#
10 Ring Push Ups

My time

AWESOME competition at CrossFit Indy North for the Great Lakes Invitational.  This was a good early preview on our regional this year.  I think there were 90 men and somewhere around 60 women competing all bad Mo FO's....and a great bunch of people!  We had, on the mens side, the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th place finishers in the Central East competing and the 4th place finisher in the North Central.  A great review.  Overall I took 4th, and am not upset with that.  I know I am a TON better then I was last year and will only get better leading up to where it counts, REGIONALS!!!  We started the comp with:

2 Rds
20 Thrusters 45# DB
20 C2B Pull ups
20 Burpee Box Jumps 24'

My time
6:07 (2nd Place)

This was A LOTTTT Harder then it looked....head was throbbing and felt horrible for about 30 minutes.   Next was a fun one that was all about strategy:

Clean and Jerk Ladder (2nd Overall)
:90 Sec 145# Max Reps (1 point clean 1 point jerk)
-1 Min Rest-
:90 Sec 165# Max Reps (2 point clean 2 point jerk)

-1 Min Rest-
:90 Sec 185# Max Reps (3 point clean 3 point jerk)

-1 Min Rest-
:90 Sec 205# Max Reps (4 point clean 4 point jerk)

-1 Min Rest-
:90 Sec 225# Max Reps (5 point clean 5 point jerk)

2nd Place

I am not sure my reps except that I got 8 1/2 at 225#.  It was a good WOD and I kept a good pace.  I was not expecting 2nd but was excited when I saw that I got that on it.  The next WOD:

30 Overhead Squat 135#
100 Calorie Row

My score
147 Reps (13th Place)

Everyone who reads this knows I do not like rowing.  It did not change today.  I will say it is not as bad as it used to be but I need to get more efficient.  i got on the rower at the same time Nick Fory did and he got off when I still had 9 calories to go!!!  My rower must have been broke...or more likely I need to get more efficient.  I will work on EFFICIENCY.  Next:

5 K Run

My time
19:36 (19th Place)

I was happy with my time but not with my placing.  There were a lot of good runners.  The winner was 17 something and then 15 people were from 18:30 until me.  I was still happy with my time for the limited running I have been doing.  The next WOD was another good race between Fory and I:

For Time
30 Hand Release Push Ups
50 DU'd
160 Ft DB walking Lunge 45#
50 Du's
30 T2B
50 DU's

My time
6:47 (4th Place)

He edged me out on the G2OH!  Then the competition got crazy. There was now a cut to the top 20:

350# Deadlift
Wall Climbs
185# Squat Clean

My time
6:36 (4th Place)

The time is within 10 sec.  I am not sure the exact time I got. I know I beat for by a rep.  The final only messed with every ones grip even more and it was only for the top 10:

5 Rds
12 Bench press 165#
6 Squat Snatch 135#
3 Rope Climbs 16'

My time
15:47 (4th Place)

This was a blast and Fory, Stowe, and Ulmer were so fun to compete with.  There were others who would pop in but it was pretty much a fight between us with Stowe winning everything in the end and Fory being the most consistent and taking 1st place.  All are great competitors and I loved the whole thing.  Great time!  Ready to get back to training harder and smarter in prep for Regionals!!!!!!  Lets do it!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

First full day in Florida

We got to Florida yesterday and when we arrived, said hi and then headed to the local CrossFit box for a WOD: 5 x 5 Single leg squats 135# I have not down these for a long time a d did not want to go to heavy because I knew they would make me sore. I put my opposite foot I was using on a bench and then squatted with the other leg, then switched and that was 1 set. About 1 min rest between. After this: Death by Pull Ups My score 20 Rds + 11 I started to tear I'm 3 spots and tat mentally hurt me....but I would not have gone much more. That was almost all I had. Today we went and zipp lined at a ropes course near my families. It was the first time doing this and it took about3 hours to get through the whole thing. There were 2 500ft zip lines that were awesome. After we got back my wife and I went on a run: Around the neighborhood Our time 16:20 5 min Rest 5 min max hand release push ups 4 min max air squats 3 min max v-ups 2 min max burpees My scores 112-151-68-33 Nice to workout with the wife and be in such awesome weather 70-73 degrees all day! Get better and prepared for next weeks competition in Indianapolis! NU

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Farmers Walks & Burpees

I feel like crap.  The whole day yesterday my nose was running and it would not stop....today I feel fatigued and congested.  I am not used to getting sick and blame it on working RETAIL EVERYDAY!  I got to the box and decided to work strictly on strength because I was so warn down from this sickness:

OHS 3 Rep
225 x 3
255 x 3
275 x 3
295 x 2 (FAILED 3)

This felt very heavy and 295 was a 1 rep PR before and I got down in the squat on rep 3 and just could not stand with it.  I know I can get 305 x 3.  After this I did some Deadlifting:

DL 10 Rep
275 x 10
295 x 10
315 x 10
335 x 10
355 x 10
385 x 9 (I QUIT)

My grip was shot and I struggled on rep 8 and 9 and just let go.  I was pushing hard though but moving very slow.  I liked the feel if hitting a 10 rep.  Then I changed my mind and decided to hit a short WOD with the new Jerry Cans we got in the box that were the ones used in the Games. 
Jerry Can

40 Ft Jerry can Carry Down
40 Ft Jerry can Carry Back
Max Burpees with remaining minute

My score
63 Burpees

I walked the cans down, set them down and then turned around and walked them back and did burpees with the remaining time.  The way my body was feeling made me go VERY slow on the burpees...but I really liked carrying the Jerry Cans.  Tomorrow will be very busy and I will take off unless I can get something in quick in the AM.  Friday I am excited because I will be flying out to Orlando to see my family!  Hope to find a good box and Get Better in the warm weather! 


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You Challenge & and EMOTM

I started the day off with the class WOD.....modified of course.  Even though we had a TON of snow we had a great turn out for the 5:30 AM class.  The WOD was in teams but for me I did:

30 Min: Row 200 M w/1 Min rest  between

I did this while the class was going in teams of 3-4.  Some of my rest periods were :45 sec and others were 2 minutes.  It all depended.  Overall I rowed 3300+ M.  It was good for me to do this.  I rowed anywhere from a 1:22 - 1:57.  It varied on how the previous sprint went.  After this I did:

You Challenge
2 Ring HSPU
4 Squat Snatch 165#
250 M Row

My time

Video of me and Karen doing the WOD

After this I took about 20 Minutes and then did something that just came to me about 5 Min before starting:

100 Power Cleans 135#
EMOTM 2 Mu's (start w/MU's)

My time

This was brutal and felt like it was never ending.  Eventually I was doing 3-2-1 and occasionally 3-2-2 rep scheme in between MU's/  I did not fail a MU yet the entire time was worried that I would.  I had planned to be at the box until 10 because I was going into work late, but during the 5:30 class I got a message that I need to come in early so I headed back home at 8 AM to head out on my hour trip to work.  I am hoping to get home at a decent time and do some back squats.  Good thing is.....I was going to have a forced rest because I was going to be working Open - Close and found out that now I do not have to go in until 11...which means...I get to train in the AM!!!!!  Holler at that!!  Get better...


Monday, January 2, 2012


WOD 1: 6:00 AM

Clear snow from driveway

My time
1 hour

Get home from work and immediately:

Clear snow from driveway

My time
45 minutes

I had a 15 minute PR on the 2nd clearing of snow because I got in a groove and started remembering my tricks to efficiency.  By this time it was 8:15 pm and I decided to shower eat and rest the rest of the night.  I am coaching in the morning and then have from 6:30-10:00 to get as much work in as possible......this will be fun!!!!!


Sunday, January 1, 2012


New look to the Blog, we will see how long it stays this way.  I felt like ac hange was needed especially being the New Year. 

I had a good morning hanging with the Family and we will be heading to the box when I get home from work for a few WODs.  Should be fun!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! A year to get even better!