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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not sure why, but trying to rest

I decided on Friday I would rest. I did do a quick an burner WOD with Russian get ups and Toes 2 Bars. Then in the afternoon we picked up 80 - 100# mats. Then we drank some beer and played ninja warrior on the pull up rig until our hands were raw. Fun stuff though.

On Saturday we had a team WoD that was brutal.

Teams of 3
(each movement begins with 20 pull ups)
120 DB Snatch 45#
200 M Prowler 200#
120 kBS 53#
200 M prowler
120 over the box Burpee jumps 40"
200 M Prowler
800 M run
120 HRPU

Our time

The prowler got nasty especially when your teammates can no longer push it very far....rough.

After this I did a quick WOD before the demolition of the Box started.

30 snatch 135
30 clean and jerk 135

My time

Hands were still raw and was stuck doing singles the whole was. Today the wall is down and a lot I work is bring done so I will be out of commission and may not get a WOD in.....but will be spending a lot of time with my little girl which is always a plus.


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