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Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Squat Rack

Today was a busy day that started with me messing around with some light dumbbells.  I decided to do push presses early this morning before work while my daughter watched frosty the snowman.  I used 30# DB and did about 160 push presses.  Nothing fancy and no time.  Just threw them around.

I then bad a long day at work and headed straight to my wife's grandparents for Christmas Eve dinner.....which of course was not very "paleo" so I didn't eat very healthy....but the best was about to come.  Everyone had opened all their presents and someone said, "nick open your present!"  I had no idea I had a present left!  There is was a big heavy box.  I opened it.......a squat rack!!!!! I was in heaven!!!!!  I got the dam home and set it up:

100 back squats 135#

My time

No warm up just went right into it and I got 41 unbroken and racked it....I like writing that.....back got tight real quick.  After this I did a quick set of KBS and then off to bed.  I am really planning and hoping that my training will pick back up.....I am still on a 6 day a week work schedule and am traveling a lot....so I need good time management to pick up my training!!!


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