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Friday, September 30, 2011

Life as RX comp this Weekend

I will not be able to blog tomorrow about the competition in Chicago.  This is going to be a blast and a time to catch up with a bunch of friends.  I look forward to the competition and the hanging out.  I took
the day off today since I ma still feeling the effects of Wednesday.....I am not sure why I am so beat up but I enjoy the soreness as long as I feel good tomorrow.  Good luck to everyone who will be competed at this event or any event this weekend!   

"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Core is SHOT

Well as with yesterday I do not have much time to anything except in the afternoon......and I am planning some nice interval sprints potentially 200's and a good WOD.  But, boy oh boy is my core shot!!!  Lower back from the deads which I RUSHED through and got to my 435 x 5 in 10-15 minutes and then my abs from the GHD sit ups.  Those things knock you out especially when you do them in a 15 min AMRAP.  And I am now beginning to feel the results from the squats as well.  Since I was unable to finish all my sets I will not be in as bad of shape as I could have been......that is unfortunate because I missed out on getting a little better.  Not the less.....my core is SHOT.....and I NEED to keep working GHD sit ups.  They are a weakness of mine.

When I got home me and the Babes (Jada) went on a run around Trinity School which is probably just under 3 miles:

Trinity Run

My time

She loved it and then once she went to bed it was time to get it......well not to much, my body is wrecked and I want to be in decent form at the competition this Saturday.....so:

5 Rds
10 burpees
10 KBS 2 Pood

My time

My hands were really sweaty so I yelled to the wife to give me a towel.  She did and it helped.......then the aftermath. My upper back is on FIRE!  Feels great.  Calling it a day.  Light but you need these every once in awhile.  I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can hit a good WOD.

On a side note.  Again Faster is about to start their Beat the Team Competition.  It is going to be 8 WODs and the winner gets to be sponsored by them.  Pretty sweet and I like the concept.  Get Better!!!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Deadlift 5 Rep (PR)

Tomorrow is the normal day for me to do my 5 Rep Deadlift Max which brings me to 435 x 5 this week.  I know how deadlifting wrecks any ones back when you go heavy enough....so I decided to push it up a day because of the Life as RX competition this weekend in Chicago.  I am excited to see how this will play out and to compete.  This is the first day going in that my back does not feel very fresh.  It is tight especially in the lower lumbar.  This is the first thing I have planned to do tonight when I make it to the box. 

5 Rep Deadlift
435 x 5

The first WOD:

15 min AMRAP
5 MU's
15 GHD

My score
8 Rds + 10 GHD


Back Squat Ladder
145 x 20
185 x 15
235 x 12
265 x 10
285 x 8
305 x 7
315 x 6
325 x 5
335 x 4

I realized it was getting late and I had to get home to hang with the wife for a bit and get to bed early to getup early and coach the 5:30 am class.  I cut this short instead of working my way down to 1. 
I am really excited about the Life as RX competition....but....1 hick up....I was planning to compete on a team and one of the members, David Stowe, hurt his shoulder the other day and will not be competing.  Puts a damper on the team competition.  We will see what ends up going down once we get there.  I may go individual or both if possible.

And of course burpees in a bit.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You Challenge WOD....NASTY!

Above is the You Challenge WOD.  As you can see it was less then enjoyable....but as always I am thankful to be able to do this!  I love CrossFit!

I coached the class and then jumped into training.....though I am still completely trashed in my upper back from all the weighted pull ups.  So.....why not do some strength with my upper back!  Lets do it:

1 Rep Snatch
215 x 1
225 x 1 (FAILED)

I had this easy but could not lock it out and stand.  I was very fatigued even though I only went on a 20 minute run with Jada yesterday (it could have been the donuts...not sure)

1 Rep Squat Clean
265 x 1
285 x 1

Again, easy getting up but I did not want to stand.  I think I was pulling to hard and riding it down, bottoming out and then trying to stand.  I need to stay active in the bottom.  Then came the You Challenge Wod I have been holding back from:

You Challenge
8 Squat Clean Thrusters 155#
10 Box Jumps 30'
12 Hand Release Push Ups
14 Pull ups

My score
6 Rds + 4 Box Jumps

This was brutal.  I was really dreading those Squat Clean Thrusters...and the box jumps were rough coming in after the thrusters.  I REALLY liked it though and will be saving this for future WODs.  Next was a WOD I was told to do by Mike Dieme:

Mike Dieme's WOD
500 M Row
50 DU's
50 Thrusters Oly bar
400 M Row
40 DU's
40 Thrusters
300 M Row
30 DU's
30 Thrusters
200 M Row
20 DU's
20 Thrusters
100 M Row
10 DU's
10 Thrusters

My time

I was not happy with my time...
A)  I had to use someone elses jump rope which SUCKED! 
B) the first 50 DU's took FOREVER because of the rope...
C) I hated the rope....
D) I do not like light thrusters...they hurt....
E) I do not like to Row. 

Enough said!  Next I played around with my weighted vest and then did:

10 Rope Climbs for time 15 ft

My time
2:37 (PR)

PR by :13.....I was happy with this but still know I can go much faster.  I am planning another WOD and my 50 burpees still today.  We will see what it will be.....and this weekend is the Life as RX competition in Chicago which will be a blast.  First competition for my wife!


5 Rds
10 burpees
10 KBS 2 Pood

My time

Tiring!  A good one though.


Monday, September 26, 2011

10 Day Challenge....lets start small

Starting tomorrow I am putting my self on a 10 day challenge...a nutrition Challenge.  I eat very clean but since the Games I have noticed I "cheat" more often....making me feel "bad" more often.  Today topped it off.  Currently I am paying the price.  I took the day off and was going to go for a run on lunch....until I decided I would rather run with Jada after work.  So.....I went to the store and there....on center stage....a huge display of donuts.  Not a real weakness of mine....but I thought, ill check out what they have.  I have not had a donut in a long time.  And then....I noticed my mind thinking which to buy....and mind this was not 1 donut but a 15oz box of donuts.  Any type of donut you wanted and they had it.  So...I went with chocolate glaze devil donuts.  The name speaks for itself.  I then sat down and ate my donuts.....NOOOO...not all of them but about 12oz worth.  Feeling guilty I realized I cant bring these into work.  A) no one would believe i bought these B) no one would believe I ate them C) they would wonder why I only left 5 donuts out of about 25 or so donut holes.  So, lets say they do not know I bought them. 

This brings me to my challenge.  I have been cheating here and there with mainly grains and little candies at work.  Not to bad but enough to effect me.....so I will start back with some baby steps and it may turn into something more.  I still eat very clean but with to much cheating going on.  It will be a 10 day challenge to only eat clean Paleo.  Once the 10 days is up I will have a cheat and then prolong the challenge or wait again, but I need to get back in a better habit of saying "NO!"  I pride myself in my Will power but lately I seem to give in.  I work well with challenges and see this being a good way to start.  Tomorrow will be the day I begin.  I feel this is a good time as well because the Life as RX Tour is this weekend and I have a good training day coming up tomorrow.  I will take Jada on a LLOOOONNNNGG Run today to burn off some donuts then hit the Challenge.  Anyone is more then welcome to join me unless you feel comfortable with where you are.....in that case congrats, I am not!  I will use this to get better!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Busy Morning, NO WODS though!

First, my burpees from last night HURT!

50 Burpees

Last night I got home to an empty house wondering where my family was.....after 15 minutes of phone calls I found out we were having company and they would be arriving within 15 minutes.  New plans I told myself no time for a WOD and I did not want to look like an idiot or be stressed when they were over....I get irritable if I do not work out when I want to.....so I started my watch and did 50 burpees.  AND....they hurt, like normal.  Tonights burpees:

50 Burpees

We hung out and then I found out I had to take my daughter and sister in law (who is only 9) to my mother in laws house in the morning because my wife was heading to Michigan to go on a wine tasting early in the morn.  So I was busy getting them all ready and then myself ready to get to work on time.  I dropped them off and on the car ride home was pondering WODs.  I am actually still deciding what to write on this post, knowing that I have to do what is on paper.......here we go:

5 Rds
1 Min Max rep Power Clean 135#
-1 Min Rest-
1 Min Max rep OHS 135#
-1 Min Rest-

My scores
PC: 21-17-16-15-15
OHS: 15-19-18-17-18

You need to complete at least 3 reps unbroken for the reps to count.  I need to complete a minimum of 15 reps per Rd....If I do not get 15 reps total there is a 500 M Row per Rd that I do not complete 15 reps.  I am excited to do this and we will see how it pans out.

I had not penalties.  Having the 3 rep minimum made you have to go at a certain amount of time on the clock in order to get the amount of reps needed.  The was a good change of pace.  Then came something horrible:

50 burpees

Felt good and went at a consistant pace tonight


Saturday, September 24, 2011

FRAN and Some Good Competition

This morning was a good training session with Doug.  We got started with some strength and then I finally got the nerve to try FRAN again....and it brought back memories.  We warmed p with heavy Thrusters:

1 Rep Thruster
205 x 1
215 x 1
225 x 1
235 x 1
245 x 1
255 x 1 (FAILED)

This did not feel that heavy but my shoulder and upper chest were toast and the lock out was the toughest part.  I am feeling I may be able to get 275 not which would be a big jump since Regionals where i did 245.  Next was the my lady friend:

Thrusters 95#
Pull ups

My time

I taped this and I was feeling good but at the end of my 15's I could feel my forearms giving out (same feeling from when I fell)  when i jumped up for my 9's I decided to play it safe and not push through the forearm fatigued and dropped after 4, the did 3, and finally 2.  I was on pace to beat my 2:10.....and am happy for that....but for the first time since the break I wanted to just finish!

Next I came up with something on the fly....and it blew out my posterior chain:

Deadlift 275#
KBS 2 Pood

My time

It was hard to decide what to do since my hands were shredded from yesterdays weighted pull ups and FRAN (Doug PR's by 5 sec which was awesome....he can get sub 3 easy).  I really took my time on this WOD because my hands were so tender.  I was able to go unbroken on the deads until the 9's where I broke 5-4.  We then ended with a WOD from Bryn that Doug would give me a good push at:

For Time
50 DU's
40 DU's
30 DU's
20 DU's
10 DU's

My time

He would have been right with me except he tripped on his doubles right after we started.  Still nice to know if I missed he would catch me.  Good quick WOD.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hill Sprints

Here is my sprint hill at the park.  It has a steep side and then a long side.  I went out today and ran about 1 mile to warm up and then ran sprints on the steep side (where the arrows are).  I am standing far away but to give a perspective on the size of the hill I circled a truck next to the hill. 

Hill Sprints
10 Sprints
walk down

As soon as I reached the bottom I sprinted back up so the rest was short.  It was nice to be outside especially since the weather is perfect to run in....and who knows how long this will last with winter around the corner!



I had a short layoff from a busy few days.....I took off Wednesday and then on Thursday I had a good day.  Started with:

Dirty Dozen

My time

I did this WOD a short while back and did it in10:29....so I was happy with the improvement.  I was even more happy knowing I had to keep walking to my handy dandy notebook to see what to do next.  I also had everything spread way out so transition time was slow.  After this I did:

5 Rep Max Deadlift
425 x 5

I was happy with being able to pull this pretty easy.  This is the most I have ever tried for 5.  Next week 435 x 5. 

I took off the rest of the day and we went and visited my family, cooked out and visited an apple orchard....which Jada loved!  It was fun watching her meal on apples and oooo and ahhh constantly.  It was a great day!

This morning I woke up and thought maybe a day off would be good because I know I will have a filled training day tomorrow and rest is good.  Until i realized my wife was about to leave for the Box.....do Lynne, and I had 3 hours until work.  Why not?   I went with her and brought my new vest:

5 Rds
Max Body weight bench (185#)
Max Pull ups (used a 30# weighted vest)

My scores
Bench: 23-18-15-13-14
Pull ups: 28-25-24-22-25

I rested quite a bit between Rds to make sure I could give a good effort.  I was happy with the reps I got while using the vest.....especially since I have never used a vest for pull ups before.  I will be using it a lot now!  I love the fit and I am hoping to see some more benefits from a new stimulus.  Maybe something may be in the mix tonight and in the morning bright and early to train with Doug and it looks like FRAN is on the agenda.  This will be the first time since breaking the collar bone and after today I am not sure how my lats will feel for her.   I am ready though!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fatigued and EMOTM back Squats

Here is the VIDEO from a few days ago when i did 305# CLEAN & JERK.  Ugly but it counts.

Today I felt good when I woke up....but not when I started another shoulder dominant WOD.  I am not sore but it made everything feel like I was heavier and weaker the way my shoulders felt.  I did another WOD from Brian:

Wall Climbs
Clean & Jerk 185#

My time

He told me to shoot for sub 6.....did not happen, and the clean and jerk felt like 225!  Not what I was expecting....couple that with wall climbs and you are not enjoying life in the moment.  It was a great WOD though and really exposed me again.  After this I did some Back Squats:

EMOTM as long as possible
Back Squat 225# x 7

My score
11 Rds + 4 Back Squats

This started to get real heavy and in minute 12 I dropped the bar off my back and did not want to pick it up.  I liked this,  a mental fight.  You have between :35 - :40 rest to think about how bad the next set will be.  I am not sure what I have planned for later.  It may involve a 2 Pood KB and some burpees....YAY BURPEES!!!  Getting better everyday.


Monday, September 19, 2011

WODs that Break You Down

Today was a good day of training and a good day overall. My wife got a new job and I felt horrible during a few WODs, which is a good thing, I need to be broken down every once in awhile. I started with heavy push press:

3 rep push press
225 x 3
235 x 3
245 x 3
250 x 1 (failed 2nd rep)

Then I did a WOD sent to me from Brian Yoak:

The Break Me Down WOD
15 squat clean to thruster 155#
9 MU
30 GHD sit ups
12 Sq thruster
12 MU
30 GHD
9 Sq Thruster
15 MU
30 GHD

My time

I felt like I was moving at a snails pace and it showed, which I already know, that I need to work on high rep MU and GHD. I went home and did my 50 burpees:

50 burpees


This was slow as well. I could feel the fatigue in my legs. I came back to the Box to do another thing Brian recommended:

1 rep Max weighted pull up

My weight
120 (FAILED)

Since I was at the Box....why not another WOD. This isonethat has been on my radar for awhile but have never fit it in until today.

Main Site
4 Rds
400 M run
15 Thrusters
15 pull ups

My time

I broke my thrusters 10-5 in the last 2 Rds, unbroken on the pull ups, and my last 2 runs were SLOW. I could have used a push on this one. Having someone there to go against would have had the feeling of quiting leave my mind. Main site has a way of getting WODs to sneak up on you. Love it!!!!



Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rest Day

"The man who makes a success of an important venture never wails for the crowd. He strikes out for himself. It takes nerve, it takes a great lot of grit; but the man that succeeds has both. Anyone can fail. The public admires the man who has enough confidence in himself to take a chance. These chances are the main things after all. The man who tries to succeed must expect to be criticized. Nothing important was ever done but the greater number consulted previously doubted the possibility. Success is the accomplishment of that which most people think can't be done."

-C. V. White

Saturday, September 17, 2011

You Challenge WOD

I started the day by sleeping in!  Always nice to do that...this seems to be more of the usual now.  I am trying to get my sleep before I start cranking on the training to build up for Regionals and waking up really early.  I went to the Box with Chels and started with this weeks You Challenge WOD:

3 Rds
5 MU's
10 Deadlift 315#
50 M Burpee Broad Jump

My time

The deadlifts were the worst part on Rds 2 and 3.  I flew through the burpees on Rd 3 to just get done with it.  Plus knowing the time to beat is 8:29 helps you go faster at the end.  This was a good WOD but I wanted to go unbroken on the deads but I had to break up the last 2 sets.  After this I did Clean and Jerks:

1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk

I did this with a power clean.  I actually jerked it 3 times because I failed the first 2 time but was able to catch it in the rack and finish the lift.  I was excited to say the least.  I taped it but am not able to get it off my phone until I get home to my computer. I plan to take the rest of the day off and count the burpee broad jumps as my burpees.  Yesterday it took me 1:39 to do my 50 burpees.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Ann Arbor Comp Triplet and lots of Squats

I wanted to hit a body weight heavy met con today.  So I pulled out a WOD from Ann Arbor at a Comp Doug Chapman held.  I was able to go into work late today so I slept in and was able to get to the Box. I started with the Met con:

12 Min AMRAP
9 T2B
15 Hand Release Push ups
21 Air Squats

My score
9 Rds + 1 Push up

When I did this at the comp it was after a lot of deadlifting and I got 9 Rds + 5 T2b.  So I bested it by 6 reps.  I went unbroken on the T2B.....the push ups were the worst part as high rep push ups are in most WODs....and the air squats were easy it was just a matter of how fast I could move.  After the WOD I did a Main Site WOD from a week or so ago with Chels:

OHS Squat 1-1-1-1-1
Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1
Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1
My weights
OHS: 265-285-295(PR)-305(F)-305(F)-305(F)
FS: 305-315-325-335-345-355(F)
BS: 355-365-355-355-355

I really wanted the 305 Overhead squat and stood up with it on the 2nd attempt but did not hold ot steady and it dropped so I could not count the rep.....plus I taped it and you could tell I was loosing it at the top.  The Front Squat I was hoping for a PR which is currently 345, but that did not happen.  I only stood about 6 inches before dumping it.  I had my usual problem with Back Squatting......no spotter.  After I hit 365 I just did not feel safe going up in weight without a spotter so i went with 355 and hit the reps pretty quickly between each other.  This took awhile so we went home and I got ready for work. 

At lunch I went out to the park and did another Main Site WOD:

5 Rds
35 DU's
200 M Run

My time

I did this on the edge of a parking lot and then ran in the grass down and back after walking out 100M.  Not sure how accurate it was.  after seeing the time of 4:30 on Main Site I assumed sub 5.  I think i ran to far or that guy is FAAASSSTT!  Either way it was a good WOD.  I plan to hit my burpees tonight and then call it a night.  Good day, Back is tightening up now from yesterday and all the squats.  Love when you get sore in places that you haven't been sore in for a long time.  All in getting better!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Post Work Burn

I had a plan....as as many people know plans change.  I had an idea to do a few quick burners with 1 minute rest between Rds......no way I said.  I rested longer between Rds. I started in the garage with:

30 Squat Snatches 135#

My time

I want to do better in this.  I taped all the WODs today.

8 Minute Rest......Next:

Grace (used 135#)

My time

This was pretty agonizing after the Squat Cleans:

I took another 8 Minute Rest and hit my 50 burpees couples with Box jumps:

5 Rds
10 Burpees
10 Box Jumps 30'

My time

My legs were shaky at this point and I was moving pretty slow.  I felt like these were a few good WODs to end a good night.  Tomorrow I do not work until 1 PM so I plan to get some good solid work in before hand.  Get better, that is what I always say!


CrossFit on ESPN2

Who would have thunk it....CrossFit on ESPN.....does this mean CrossFit is a sport.  Some may say yes and as always people may just say we are fast exercisers.  i am fine with both, as long as I, someday can be the "fastest exerciser' and have it shown on ESPN!  I had to work all day yesterday (open-close) so I was not able to watch the games on TV as they happened.....but I had a wife updating me.  

My wife:


"NIIIICCCCKKKKK......they had a black and white shot of you!!!!!"

"NIIICCCCKKKKK......there showing you on the rope"

"NIIICCCCKKKKK.....you are on ESPN!!!!"

"NIIICCCCKKKK.....this is crazy...your on ESPN!!"

These were on each commercial break...with a, "WOOWWW....they just had a ROGUE commercial and it was LEGIT!!!!".....Then she would say...."back on gotta go...click"   Needless to say she was enjoying it and I loved the enthusiasm.  When I got home I got the recap and watched it with her again.  It was pretty cool to see it on TV and know that this is only a small step the the direction CrossFit is headed. 

I have heard people say that this is not what CrossFit is and that it needs to stay Grassroots.....personally CrossFit is not something owned by a few individuals who feel they are the only ones aloud to be obsessed with this sport.  I feel the more people that can hear about it the better, because we are only helping them in taking control of their lives....which many people are in need of getting back.  i want CrossFit to reach as many people as possible and enable them to see the things we all fell in love with when it comes to CrossFit.  I am excited for the future and the people we will impact because of the Community!

To the training.  I took off yesterday and had a busy morning today where I could not fit a met-con in.  I did get to deadlift though:

5 Rep Deadlift
415 x 5

Next week is 425#.  This did not feel that bad even though I rushed it with only about 15 minutes to get it in.  After this I was off to work.   And then at lunch:

1 mile Run
1 min Rest
6 - 100M Sprints (under :14 each)

I ran back to the car trying to find a spot to do 50 burpees......it seemed everyone was out, and I don't normally get embarrassed.....but I decided to wait until I was home to do them for the sake of a crowd.  tonight I have  a lot planned and hope to get some good work in....burpees with a couple quick burners!  I love those.....getting better everyday!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rope Climbs PR

I wanted to start with saying the bike ride with Jada was AWESOME!  She loves it when we go on rides....and with her sitting there next to her Dolli is just adorable.  As for today, it was busy, but with nothing really fancy.  I taught the class and then did a WOD with Karen afterwards:

3 Rds
2 minutes to complete
25 ft sled drag (3  45# plates)
5 tire flips
25 ft sled drag
Max toes to bar with time remaining

Toes 2 bar score

i had to quit on the first 2 Rds early to lower the weight on the sled.  The first 2 Rds were unbroken and then I helped with between 15-10 sec left on the clock.  A good warm up.  Next:

Back Squat 315#
EMOTM 10 Minutes

The squats got easier until the last Rd.  This was a good weight for me to be using.  I need to start going heavier.....lets just say there are A LOT of things I need to be doing, trying to find time.  Next I did something without time....mainly because I forgot to check when I got done.  But I went at about 75% on on it:

4 Rds
250 M Row
4 Clean & Jerks 155#

My pull was lacking and I had to drop all the reps.  Not what I was wanting but it felt good to row some.  I went at about a 1:45 pace the whole time.  Chels came to the Box early so I let her do this WOD then I did.  It was a Main Site WOD from awhile ago:

Tabata Bottom to Bottom Squats
Run 1 Mile

My tabata score
Mile time

I was not happy with my mile time.....the first 800 felt like a 10 mile pace, on the back half I was able to pick it up.  I was hoping for sub 6:30 with all the legs I did....did not happen. Last thing I did at the gym:

10 Rope Climbs

My time
2:50 (PR)

Then when I got home:

50 Burpees

Burpees were normal.....horrible and the last 15 I really slowed down.  My biceps are hurting right now and it showed on my push ups.  It was pretty ugly.  I may do something tonight....have not decided for sure.  It was a pretty light day as far as intensity and length.  We will see!!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Lots of Deads

Went to the Box today and decided to go with the class since they were doing the Open WOD 1. But first we started with some Snatches:

2 Rep Max Snatch in 15 Min
205 x 2
215 x 2
225 x 1 (FAILED 2) 

225 felt really light but when I came back up on rep 2 my left arm gave out when I tried to stand,  I was upset.....but happy at the same time for it to feel so light.  Next came the WOD:

10 Min AMRAP
30 DU's
15 Power Snatch 75#

My score
7 or 8 Rds + 10 DU's

I am upset because at the end I started to try to go faster and lost track of where I was at for my Rds.  I felt like I was going at a decent pace, but I cannot remember what I had.  So, I am saying 7 Rds but knowing it could be 8.  This means I have to do this again soon and have video or a judge.  I wanted to get some more work in before leaving but we had errands to run......so when I got home:

5 Rds
15 Deadlifts 225#
10 Burpees

My time

This one was horrible.....and when I looked at it on paper I thought it would be horrible.  If it looks bad on paper you have to do it.  I was breaking my deads up a lot at the end and that made me want to work on higher rep deadlift WODs. 

I am hoping to get a nice bike ride in with Jada....nothing crazy but a nice 30-45 min ride to take her around Notre Dame.  Then I wil hit my Burpees.  Sometimes if I do a WOD with 50 burpees I will count it....but since I just started the 50 days I am doing the 50 separate tonight.

Is anyone going to take on the 50 day challenge?

Get better!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

50 Burpees for 50 Days....Again

Today I decided to start my 50 burpees for 50 days again. I do not know why I put myself through this pain.....all in the name of fitness. I started the day COMPLETELY wrecked from Fridat.....STILL! So I wanted to take it easy so I could have some really good training on Monday and Tuesday:

Dirty dozen (as I call it)
25 walking lunge
20 pull ups
50 box jumps 20'
20 DU's
25 Ring dips
20 k2e
30 KBS 2 Pood
30 sit ups
20 hang squat clean 35# db
25 back ext
30 wall balls
3 rope climbs 15 ft

My time

I have done this 2 other times but need to look up my times. I felt slow on some movements based on soreness.....so I feel I could cut quite a bit of time off fresh......to bad most are rarely fresh for a WOD. Then that night I started the terrible 50:

50 burpees

I was able to maintain a good pace but the feeling after sucks!! I cannot breath and I try to do everything I can to catch my breath with nothing working. Some of the worst few minutes imaginable when it comes to a WOD.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Busy Few Days

I have had a busy few days with some good training throughout.  Unfortunately I am unable to use my phone meaning unable to post from my phone so I had to wait to get to a computer.  On Thursday I had a short day of training:


10 Rope Climbs for time

My time
3:09 (PR)

Max pull ups

Max T2B

That night:

Deadlift 5 Rep
405 x 5
405 x 5
405 x 3

Worked up to 405#.  Next week 415 x 5.  This felt light and I am wondering how high I will be able to go until I fail.  We will see in the coming weeks.
Yesterday we traveled down to Indy and i was able to get some good training in:

15 min AMRAP
5 MU's
15 GHD

My score
7 Rds + 1 MU

This was a WOD I heard Mikko talk about on a video so I had to try.  Next I snatched:

1 Rep Snatch
205 x 1
215 x 1
225 x 1 (FAILED)
235 x 1 (FAILED)

I failed a few times at 225# and figured why not move up to 235# and see what happens,  Well.....I failed 2 times at that weight.  The next WOD was when a Doug Schultz came into the box and did a WOD with me:

10 Rds
10 Thrusters 95#
10 Ring push ups

My time

I was really surprised by Doug.  he had gotten much better at CrossFit and it was good to have a push from him.  Helped me maintain my pace.  Makes me wish I had a partner to train with more.  After the WOD we did heavy Front Squats:

Front Squat 3 Rep
275 x 3
295 x 3
305 x 3

The 305 felt heavy after the thrusters.  The day ended there and then this morning I woke up at my brothers house and did:

Tabata Sprints
12% Incline

It has been awhile since I have done these and wanted to get a feeling for where I was instead of jumping into a real fast speed.  Do not get me wrong.....This hurt!  Yesterday was a great day of training after a busy day at work with little time on Thursday.  Today I have a wedding so I will not get much in either but with a few days off from work I see some good training in my future.  I am very excited to get better!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Band Sprints HURT

I normally train alone....but I know the benefit of band sprints....(training alone does not allow me to do these very often because I need a partner to give resistance on the band).  The benefit being they HURT and they leave you SORE.  Since I was able to go into the Box last night I joined in on the 4:15 class.  The WOD was a good one:

Push Jerk 185# (SCALED Up to 225#)
Band sprint forwards 20 M
Dead Hang Pull ups
Band Sprint Backwards 20M

My time

I could barely walk afterwards.  The band sprints MADE this WOD, and the Push Jerks were scary when you felt like you had no legs under you.  Afterwards I did:

2 Rds
Max Pull ups

My scores

I did not know why but I dropped at 44 in a good rhythm.  On the 2nd Rd I stopped and then dropped.  I feel that my pull ups are getting better again.  It is weird, I have done them less but feel better at them. Maybe it is that I am allowing myself to recover.....I am not sure but I accept it. 

This morning I stayed in bed and then did a Main Site WOD from last week in my basement.  Not happy with what I got, but I know there is plenty of room for improvement:

Power Clean 135#
Bar-facing burpees

My time

My hamstrings were on fire when I was doing my cleans.  I think that has a lot to do with yesterday.....on FIRE!  I dropped after 4 cleans in my 12's.  I shook my head.  My lungs were on fire and the bar was hard to pick up.  This is a good measuring stick.  This is a quick burner that is tough to go unbroken quickly.  I will be throwing this or things similar into my training.

After a 10 Min rest I had heavy front squats on the agenda, unfortunately I did not make it to the gym because of the amount of time I had this morning.  I am unable to do HEAVY front squats because I do not have squat racks.....so.....I did the next best thing:

Tabata Front Squats 165# from the ground

My score

This was heavy in the sets of 5 and picking up the bar was a CHORE.  Enjoyed this though.  I do not do tabatas enough.....and know why.....they hurt.

I had a good morning and plan to get in a good run at lunch today.  Hopefully the weather stays perfect because it is awesome running weather!!!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getting Knocked down

This morning I went in to the Box early to teach and hit Filthy Fifty.  This to me is a great WOD to test where your capacity is at.  I love seeing where your time is spent, which movements you can go unbroken on and how your body feels throughout.....especially at the burpees.  But first what I did yesterday:

8 Min Ladder AMRAP
KBS 2 Pood
Thruster 95#
1-2-3-4-5...until time is up

My score
10 Rds + 4 Thrusters

This is not at all where I want to be in this WOD, but I also know it is hard to get those extra reps alone in the garage.....that should not be an excuse though.  Next:

1 Min Max 225# Deadlift
-1 min rest-
1 Min Max 275# Deadlift
-1 min rest
1 Min Max 315# Deadlift
-1 min rest-
1 Min Max 365# Deadlift

My scores

I really like this WOD....especially with the increase in weight while you start to really tighten up.

Now for the Knocked down part.  After I taught the class this morning I was ready to get a WOD in.  I started with some strength:

Shoulder press 5 Rep
135 x 5
155 x 5
175 x 3 (FAILED 4)

Then the WOD Filthy 50.....my PR is 15:20 but that was pre-collar bone and post collar bone PR is 15:52.....Today I wanted a PR but was not ready to see the timer after the last DU:

Filthy 50

My time

When I saw this my mouth dropped....have I really lost that much.  It has been awhile since I have done a high rep low weight WOD.   Mainly I do high weight mid rep WODs not to increase strength, but this was a wake up call.  I am not where I need to be.  I had been testing to see how my body reacts not doing my burpees every night.....and I learned that my lungs are not the same.  50 burpees a night may be crazy but it works.  The feeling after that is unlike any other feeling and makes everything get better.  I now know I need to start doing these again if I was a 14 Min Filthy 50 time.  And I WANT a 14 Min Filthy 50.  We will see what I can incorporate to bring up my lung capacity.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Open WOD 11.3

I went to the box this morning before work....because I basically work everyday.....even holidays!!  I wanted to get 305# clean and Jerk so I started with that.  I wanted to get it on tape this time before Friday when I was going to originally do it, but I was impatient.  So here it went:

Clean & Jerk
265# x 1
285# x 1
295# x 1
305# x 1 (FAILED)
305# x 1 (FAILED)
305# x 1 (FAILED)
305# x 1 (FAILED)
305# x 1 (FAILED)
305# x 1 (FAILED)

As you may have noticed I failed a FEW times.  I wanted to power clean it, and had it at my chest every time but was not able to hold it.  Very frustrating which is why I tried so many times.  I have the videos but will not post them unless asked.  EMBARRASSING!!  Oh well.....we move on:

165# Clean and Jerk

My score
(70 in the open)

The bar felt very light but after 15 I slowed way down.  My goal is 45 in a few months and I think it is doable if I can get 10 more......that is a lot......so I need a lot of work.  After this I had to run home, shower and run off to work. 

We are going to a party tonight so I cannot train at all, which is a common theme with my schedule.  I try to get in what I can when I can.  Recently I have really liked my sleep a lot and have not wanted to wake up early to get guaranteed work in.  I need it and keep looking at it as positive as possible and not that I have 0 motivation to wake up.  I know the time will come when I am up EARLY soon enough for training.  For now I am enjoying the sleep.

I worked Open - Close yesterday so I did NOTHING.....sucks I know.....still need to get better though.


Friday, September 2, 2011

31 Heroes WOD

Selfish: devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one's own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others.

it is hard to not be selfish. We want the best for ourselves....in life, career, socially, interpersonally, etc.... Most people are in many ways very selfish. I am on the list...but....I try to not be as much as possible. Today was a day to be as selfless as possible. This is possible by starting the day off with a WOD devoted to people who are selfless.

Selfless: having little or no concern for oneself, especially with regard to fame, position, money, etc.; unselfish.

It is hard to be selfless...and being selfless is what many men and women do who step out in uniform for this country. And for some they pay the ultimate price to help allow ME to be selfish by protecting the things that allow me to be that way.

The 31 Heroes WOD will be done by many people tomorrow as a tribute to those serving and those who lost their lives serving. My schedule did not permit me to be involved in this WOD tomorrow so I decided to do it on my own. It was meant to be a partner WOD but I did it as an AMRAP:

31 Heroes
31 Min AMRAP
8 Thrusters 155#
6 Rope Climbs 15 ft
11 Box Jumps 30'
400 M run w/ 45# Sand Bag

My score
4 Rds

This was slow and brutal. The rope climbs took a long time and I stared a the rope a lot. I started my last run at just over 2 minutes and had a goal of making it back before the time. All I kept thinking about was why I was doing this.....hard to put into words what this meant in the moment.....but I came flying in the door at the buzzer! It felt great! This WOD was a perfect dedication WOD!

Thank you to all who have served, are serving, and will serve!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Main Site and You Challenge

Today I did some work and felt pretty good. I started with Main Site from the other day. I was not sure how this was going to go....and it went bad.....burner!:

5 Rds
3 Power clean 225
20 burpees

My time

Then I deadlifted...building a good base here. Increasing 10lbs every week on 5 rep max:

Deadlift 5 rep
395# x 5
395# x 5

This is hard to stop myself when I want to keep increasing the weight. I told myself that I would only go up by 10 each week and see how high I can get before failing. Then I did You Challenge:

OHS 155
Bench press Bodyweight (182 bw...used 185#)

My time

This was a shoulder burner. Then I was pulling a sled with a rope tied on it like the games final event. Did this with 150#-200# for about 10-12 sets. This was a fun thing to play with. Good day of training and look forward to hanging with the fam on the day off. Get better!!!!