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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting Stronger

Last night I did my new favorite....not really:

100 burpees


50 Hang Power clean 135#

I woke up real sore this morning, but I was ready to put some work in:

Push Press 3 Rep max
240# x 3 (PR)

Then I did Rich Froning's WOD he did on his Wedding:

6 Rds
3 Squat Snatch 185#
6 OHS 185#
9 C2B

My time

This WOD was brutal but I really enjoyed it.  After this I did a quick Main Site WOD:

3 Rds
12 Front Squat 135#
12 burpee Pull ups

My time

The burpee pull ups were brutal and it was tough finding any balance while jumping and grabbing the bar.  Next I did:

For time
50 GHD

My time

I am not a fan of GHD's but I need work.....Next:

Front Squat 5 Rep max
285# x 5
305# x 4 (FAILED rep 5)

Finally to finished the morning session:

Max pull ups
3 Rds (1 Min Rest between Rds)

My grip was pretty shot at this point.  I plan to rest and then hit something at lunch.  Not sure what yet but something with the jump rope or KB.  Then I will be hitting my burpees and another WOD tonight.


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