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Friday, February 25, 2011

Arnold Classic 1 Week away

I am pumped....in 1 week from today I will be at the Arnold Classic to compete with some of Crossfits top athletes. The unfortunate part is every day up until then I will be working all day. Thus, I had to wake up early to get a WOD in at the box:

Brenton (20# weighted vest)
100 Ft Bear Crawl
100 FT 5 Broad Jump / 3 burpee

My time

This was a good one but mainly just to get some work in. Did not take me to a tough place but I think that is because I could have pushed more. After:

30 MU's

link to last 30 MU's

1st time I did these I got 8:45. I was hoping for a better time this time but I had some problems with the rings early on and lost some time. Nothing to write home about but maybe could have cut down :30 to a minute. Next time I hope to be in the 6 minute range. The ultimate goal is 4:30. That will take work.....but I am willing to put in the time.

After the Arnold......the Open starts March 15th.....cannot wait!!!1 Going to work on getting better until then!


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