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Monday, December 27, 2010

Getting Better

I always try to get better. It is my goal to be the best....I feel I am know where near being the best but every thing I do brings me a step closer or a step farther away. I am doing the best I can to trudge forward. I have been telling myself January 1 is go time. All out dedication and training for the games to be the best. I want to go to California....but I know there are many more out there deserving and working there butts off to go. I know they have many motto's and quotes to get people motivated....like work harder then your opponent....or other type quotes. I do not have a quote....I am going to train to be the best and do the things I hate! That will make me better:

Max Height Box Jump:

My Height:
52 inches (FAILED 53.5 inches)


DT 155#

12 Deadlift
9 Hang Power CLean
6 Push Jerk

My Time:

I came back to the gym to train Broc and then hit some more:


Hang Clean 95#
Wall ball

My Time:
3:46 (Did this 11/17 in 4:06)

Then something I have never done before and need a lot of work with:

30 MU's for time:

My Time:

Not at all what I wanted but I have a bench mark now to get better off of. Then I stole something I saw off of OPT's blog:

1 Heavy Thruster every :30 for 10 Minutes:

205# x 2
215# x 8
205# x 8
215# x 2

This was horrible and I was moaning and groaning. I tried to quit at 5 minutes and dropped the bar.....but I forced myself to clean it back up and keep going.....why.....because I do not like it and I need to get better that's why!


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