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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Double WOD

Yesterday was a shorter day of training.  I like to be done as earlier as possible on Wednesdays so I can be at home; since Monday & Tuesdays I rarely am.  The benefit of that is Thursdays is a rest Day and I try to do next to nothing all day.  I look forward to starting that as soon as possible.

Here was what my Wednesday looked like:

RUN: (took this from Hinshaw site)
12 Min Out
6 Min Back
6 Min Out (try to get to same spot)
3 Min Back
3 Min Back
3 Min Back
3 Min Back (trying to make it to the starting point

-1 Min rest between each run-

EMOM as High as possible
5 Rep Strict Press (started at 75#
Failed at 165#
5 Rep Push Press at failed Press weight
Got to 225

My Double WOD:
1-25 MIN:
16 DB Power Snatch 100#
40 GHD Sit Ups
Time: 11:02

2 Rds:
30 Burpee Chest to Bar
30 Pull Ups
30 Box Jump Overs 30 inch
30 DB PSnatch 70#
30 Cal Row
Time: 23:40 (48:40 on clock)

8 Min AMRAP:
Max Strict MU's

5 Min Max Push Ups
not sure on number, just went

Then hang out and relax time!

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