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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

100 Burpees

Recently I threw in 100 Burpees over the 50 because I "thought" it would be good for me.  Not sure if it is but I am sure it hurts.

Yesterday I started with some OHS.  I have not overhead squared for awhile on purpose and used this to test my 1 rep.

1 Rep OHS
355# (Failed 375 in the bottom)


1 Hang Snatch + 1 Snatch

I hit 235.  I wanted more but I like holding the hook and it was really hurting my hands.  I ended up stopping here.  I then did:

For Time:
100 Push Press 75#
100 Overhead Squats 75#

My time

I have had trouble in the overhead squat since I bothered my shoulder awhile back.  I really felt it here and it took me much longer then I had anticipated.

I came back later and hit:

5 Rep Deadlift
485# (no belt and felt pretty easy.  planning to hit 495 next time which would be a 5 rep PR)


50 Strict HSPU

My time

-Then the burpees-

100 Burpees for time

My time

I maintained a constant pace after 15 to see where I would fall.  the fastest I have done this is 4:04, but I'm not sure how well my hips were opened up then.  Time to get after it tomorrow.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Front Squat PR

Ended up hitting a Front Squat PR 2 days ago and have been consistantly hitting some pretty big numbers.  I am excited about that but believe some of it has to do with low volume so my body is pretty recovered.

2 Rep Front Squat 
395 x 2


1 Rep Push Jerk
335# (stopped here, felt good though)


E:45 for 15 Rds
275 Push Jerk x 2


5 Min AMRAP:
10 alternating KB Snatch 70$
10 Burpees

My score
4 Rds + 2 Burpees

I ended up talking Miguel into hitting this with me after a class an hour later

20 Min AMRAP:
1 Deadlift - 1 Clean - 1 Front Squat - 1 Jerk

My score
32 Rds

This is always nasty.  Felt good that I got some decent training in.


Yesterday's training looked like this

1 Rep Snatch
265# (Failed 285 even though I caught it in the bottom)  shoulders were pretty shot

-then did-

5 Rds
6 Power Snatch 135#
10 Burpees over Bar

My time

This was much harder then I thought.

2 Rep Back Squat
445 x 2

I ended up jumping in with the athlete camp and did:

EMOTM 15 Min:
1 Clean + 2 Front Squats


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I got back from Fort Lauderdale the other day from the GRID draft.  It was awesome running exhibition races and getting to know a lot of my team members on the Miami Surge.  Excited to see what the season holds.   Everything is really busy right now at home and getting time to train will be tough.  Yesterday I had a short bit to train and ended up hitting a huge PR!

1 Rep Clean & Jerk
375# PR

I tried for 385# and got about half way up in the squat so I know it is there.  All about confidence that I can stand with it.

After words I hit:

EMOTM 15 Min:
1 Clean & Jerk 315#

I missed one jerk in the later minutes but otherwise felt good.  I had a few minutes after this to throw in some skill work before the class:

EMOTM 10 Min
5 MU's

I came back in the afternoon to coach our elements class and did some ball slams

100 Ball Slams 50#

This was not for time but just to move some before heading home.  I did 50, stopped for a minute then did 50 more.


Monday, July 7, 2014


This last week has been crazy.  After writing my last post on here we lost power that night and just got it back the other day.  We still do not have internet so I am writing this at the Box, a place that I never get a minute to do something like this.  Instead of writing all that I have been doing this past week I will start with today and also let you know I am still doing my burpees and currently keeping a 1:54 comfortable pace so I will be picking it up soon.

I stared today off with:

5 Rep Front Squat
375 x 5 PR!

Pumped I hit a PR on this, it has been awhile since I have tried for this and never have tried 375# so I am excited.

I then transitioned into:

3 Rep Back Squat
425 x 3

My shoulder has been bothering me and the weight on it did not feel great so I called it here.  I taught the next class and then did:

3 Rds:
50 Wall Balls 20#
10 Clean & Jerks 185#

My time

I have done this much faster before so I am not to happy with my time.  I need to be kicking in my met cons again.  I am about to row a 3 K and listen to a Podcast.


Monday, June 30, 2014

50 Burpees for 50 Days Part II

Day started with:

Position 1 Hang Snatches
Hit 255# missed 265

I didn't feel great so I stopped after the fail.  Then did:

E:45 for 20 Reps
1 P1 Hang Snatch 235#

I then taught the class and hit 1 that has been awhile since doing

Tabata Deadlifts

47 Reps

Still not 50 but I will hit that + next time.  When I got home I decided to do burpees.  I wasn't sure how many so I started at a conservative pace and as my daughter was talking to me I knew I wouldn't last because burpees + getting tired + constant talking = not working out for long.  I stopped at 2:08 and realized I freaking hate burpees and need to do them for 50 days again.  So, here it goes.

Day 1 
50 Burpees

I am planning to pick my volume back up as I have been pretty lazy and just enjoying myself to much.  Plus, getting signed to an NPFL team (Now NPGL) has me shooting for something sooner rather then later.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2014 Regional Recap

Regionals: where you show up and let your training speak for itself, and when it’s over there’s a score board that’s left to reflect how you did. This is the take away that everyone remembers. You leave knowing you had done all you could, if there was a weakness exposed, you leave ready to attack it, ready to prepare for next year. So the next time you meet the competition floor, you can leave and say “there was nothing I would have changed.” There would be no excuses.

I want and expect like everyone, a fair playing field and a reflection of my sacrifice, training, preparation, and work to be displayed at the highest level of competition. It’s what I/we train all year long for.

2014 Central East Regional: I came with high expectations and plans for a lot more training to come once qualifying for The Games. I put in the work, had the right mindset, and felt more prepared than ever before.

When the weekend ended here is what could be seen by all:

Event 1 - 3rd Place - 275#

Event 2 - 5th Place - 215ft

Event 3 - 13th Place - 8:54

Event 4 - 7th Place - 10:58

Event 5 - 18th Place - 4:14

Event 6 - 28th Place - 22:03

Event 7 - 9th Place - 2:06

Overall - 9th Place

The peoples Reaction : "I’m sorry man that sucks, I know you’re not thrilled about the outcome, it’s a tough region, but you did awesome and we are so proud of you!"

The Hard Part and the truth: I was happy with my performance, the way I prepared, and how I went out and performed in each event. My scores are not at all a representation of my preparation and overall fitness. They do not show the story of the work put in, but instead looks like my expectations were too high. It is hard to respond to the above statement because there is nothing I would do differently.

What I know: I pride myself in my movement, my efficiency and the way I prepare. I do not cheat movements. I show up prepared with a plan and have fun.

WOD 1: went just as planned

WOD 2: was just the same

WOD 3: was going to be a tough one for me. Went according to plan.

WOD 4: was my baby, the one I believed I could win. Instead I was met with a moment where wod 4 was at the hand of someone’s interpretation of the rules. Frozen, needing answers, the competition floors are the last place you want to be and not have answers. I know I work my standards, and preach the importance above all else to my athletes. That fact that someone could say I was doing a movement wrong, incorrect, short, assisted, fill that end of sentence with whatever word you like, left me beside myself. I walk off the floor with a sour taste in my mouth, realizing a moment I thought I would experience was gone. We look at the numbers and people still say, but 7th is really good. And it may be for some, but not when I know it could have been a 1st. Those points, my mind and confidence in the judging had all been weakened.

WOD 5 : went as planned; a lot of people were faster at that then I was.

WOD 6 : an event that I knew would end on the rower, as it always had in practice. It was just going to come down to how long I was on it. For me, a game of pacing and who could push at the end, but instead it felt a lot more like WOD 4. A 28th has everyone asking, "what happened?”

I want to say, “Nothing, everyone beat me because they were in better shape.” I can live with that answer, that answer would give me something to work towards, something to change, that is competition. But that’s not the truth. What I am left with is an answer that is out of my control. Some live by the motto, it’s just me against myself, or control the controllable and don’t worry about anything else. The unfortunate part, my real answer sounds like an excuse, and I hate excuses.

Wod 7: followed plan, but could have gamed much differently. My time was better than in practice but, “Holy Cow” everyone else was fast

My Truth: The season ends and I have no feeling of reward. I can’t say that I messed up, or everyone was just so much better. The Central East has always been a nasty one to compete with, but one that I love to be a part of. Every year we all bring our “A” game. We all put in the work from season to season, we share the pain and the love for the sport, and we stay on the floor until the last one finishes. I ponder what’s next? I need my doubts to settle. I love what I do and this is my livelihood. I know my future holds high level competition, one that I feel I can compete at for a long time to come. For now, I want the questions and wonders about “what if’s ” when it comes to things out of my control to be gone, I know the day will come.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

OHS & Push Jerks Got Me

Mon, Tue, & Wed have destroyed me.  My legs are shot, shoulders are shot and am pumped for the Open announcement tonight.  Tuesday looked like this:

EMOTM 10 Min 
ODD:  Front Squat 280 x 7
EVEN: Push Press 195 x 7


1 Rep Hang Clean from Mid Thigh
315 then stopped
E:30 x 30
255 Hang Clean from Mid Thigh

-with the 9 am class-

Open WOD 11.4
10 Min AMRAP
60 Bar facing Burpees
30 OHS 120#
10 Muscle Ups

My score
1 + 44 burpees

I broke this up a lot and know I can easily get a lot more.

In the afternoon I came back and did:

2 K Row

My time
7:05.5 (I hate rowing but am not hating it as much)


5 min AMRAP
3 Bar MU's
8 Thrusters 45# DB's

My score
7 Rds

Then at the end of the day I played with free handstands and Handstand walks.


EMOTM 10 Min
ODD: Overhead Squat 245 x 7
EVEN:  Push Jerk 225 x 7

I ended up failing on this, got...
7,7 - 0,7 - 6,6 - 2,1 - 7,7 (horribly awesome)


1 Rep Push Jerk
315 (stopped because my daughter needed to be fed, came back and did)


Every :30 x 30 Push Jerks


Open WOD 11.6
Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups
Ladder 3,3,6,6,9,9,12,12.....

My score
18 + 9 Thrusters in 21's (135)

This was all because I did not want to squat or do pul ups.  Excited because I know I could be far into the 21 chest 2 bar pull ups.  I just didn't want to go anymore.

I finished the day with a bunch of GHD Sit Ups and 50 Strict dips (no time).  Today (Thursday) is a rest day and I went ahead and rowed an easy 5K...21:35.   Hvae fun watching the Open where ever that may be.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Enjoy the Process

The Open WOD gets announced Thursday night so I will be doing the WOD first thing on Friday.  1 and done will be how I will approach the Open with my eyes on maximizing my training leading up until Regionals.  Yesterday was a good training day in that prep:

EMOTM 10 Min:
ODD:  Back Squat 315 x 7
Even:  Bench Press 225 x 7

Skinny Karen
150 Wall Balls 14#

My time

Then worked on some large sets of pull ups.  After teaching the 9 am:

1 Rep Hang Power Snatch

I stopped here because I did not feel great


E:30 x 30
1 Hang Power Snatch 205#


10 Rds
Every 2 Min
250 M Row
7 Box Jumps 30 inch

Rest time remaining in the 2 min.  Completed all under 1:07 and averaged 1:04.  At the end of the day I played with some GHD sit ups.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Amanda" PR & Hang Snatch PR

Yesterday I woke up feeling the Double KBS from the other day and was not sure how today would go.  It started before the morning class with:

Musicle Ups
squat Snatch

My time
3:30 PR


2 K Row

My time

I did not push on this at all.  Just wanted to finish

After the class I had some fun lifting:

Light Hang Snatch pull x 3

1 Rep Snatch Balance
315 (kept failing 335 forward)

It had been along time since I had done these and I was nervous

1 Rep Hang Snatch
275# PR


1 Hang Snatch 225# x 30

Friday, February 21, 2014

Light week

So far this week has been pretty light and I am planning to kick it in starting Sunday for the Open.  My plan will be to hit the Open WOD early Friday and then continue training as usual, one and done.  Here is what today looked like:

The Chief:
5 Rds
3 Power Cleans 135#
6 push ups
9 air squats

My score
6+15 - 6+4 - 6+11 -  6+14 - 6+10


1 Rep Split Jerk
-imediately into-
Every :30 x 30
1 Split Jerk 275#

Next I did a horrible EMOTM

EMOTM 10 Min
15 Double KB Swing 70# (Russian)

I only did 4 Rds @ 15 then the rest at 12.  This real sucked.  I then worked some Dynamic Front Squats.

EMOTM 10 Min:
2 Front Squats 165# w Red bands

That was today and I plan to have some more fun tomorrow.  It is also my wives birthday!!!


Open Starts Next week

I am really excited for this year.  I have been following Hyperfit Programming from Doug Chapman. It has been good to not have to focus on what to do everyday and be able to focus on moving more efficiently.  I am going to try to post a lot of what I am doing up until the Open and Regionals again like I have done in the past.


with the class
Death by Snatch 135#
-1 min rest-
Death by C&J 135#


1 Rep Hang Clean: stopped at 305#

E:30 Hang squat clean x 30
used 275#


3 Bar MU's
7 Burpees

7 Rds + 1 Bar MU


7 Min AMRAP:
21 Snatch 95#
21 Back Squats 95#

2 + 16 Snatch

I was really lazy on this one and could have gone a lot harder

In the afternoon I decided to so the Bar MU WOD again:

5 Min AMRAP:
3 Bar MU's
7 Burpees

7 + 5 Burpees

Close to 8 this time if I could have only moved faster!

Yesterday was a rest day:

Rowed 5000 Meters: 

I stopped a few time for a phone call and checking on my daughter

At the Box:
Dynamic Deadlift EMOTM:
315# with Green bands.

Went for speed on this.  Just trying to get a good rest day in

It is much tougher to train now a days, yet i train harder then I have ever trained.  I currently run 061, train, and stay home full time with my 7 month old daughter so I am very busy and have to use any time I get to be with my family and train.  Setting my priorities is huge.  I recently sat down with my wife had a heart to heart and tried to plan out a realistic plan of when I can train so that I can spend any free time with them, tough considering how bad I want to make it to the Games & Crush them!  So excited to do what I love!!