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Friday, February 15, 2013

The open is Coming!

I have been sitting back and training hard,  I figured after the lay off from posting I would jump back on with the competition season building up steam.  I was able to hit a PR on my deadlift yesterday

5 Rep Deadlift
485 x 5

This is beginning to not be as big of a weakness as it used to be for me.

I also recently got a Shoulder to Overhead PR not to long ago, as well as a clean & Jerk PR and a Clean PR a few weeks back.  Things are going well and I am getting excited for Regionals on June 7-9th.

I have a Comp this Saturday (a team one) so took it easy so far today.  I did Main Site which I was distoyed by Panchick at.

Main Site
7 Rds
7 Push Jerk
7 C2B
7 Burpees

My time

Then I Power Snatched and got a PR at 245#.  Not the prettiest but it was good.  After that I worked on MU's with some light snatches at 135.  Nothing special just some EMOTM.  I plan to some burpees tonight and some mobility.


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