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Monday, October 1, 2012

Tin Man And Regional WOD 4

Had a good weekend that included a 5 Rep Overhead Squat PR of 285#!  Then I was able to train with Chris Shimley which was a nice push to have.  Yesterday I took the day off and came in ready to go.  I started today with some squats.

5 Rep Back Squat
385 x 5

Then I went into:

Tin Man 
5 Rds
Power Clean 205#
Bench Press 205#

My time

I went into some grip strength where I had to hold a 2 Pood KB in both hands for an accumulated time of 5 Minutes.  Clock stopped every time I set it down.  It took me 6:50 to finish.  Then before the afternoon class I did:

2012 Regional WOD 4
50 Back Squat 135
40 Pull ups
30 Shoulder to Overhead 135
50 Front Squat 85#
40 Pull ups
30 Shoulder to overhead 85#
50 Overhead Squats 65#
40 Pull ups
30 Shoulder to Overhead 65#

My time

I was wanting to crack into the 17 minute mark and was able to do it......so I was happy!!!  I want this to be much lower though!!!  Continue to get better!


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