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Friday, September 28, 2012

Thruster PR

On Wednesday I had a good Day of training.  It started with what I though would be some heavy cleans but turned out to be to light:

Every :30 for 10 Minutes
1 Squat Clean 245#

Then I did a Max set of:

Max KBS 53#
91 (PR)

Before the 4 PM class I then did some snatches:

EMOTM 15 Minutes
3 Power Snatch 185#

This was a good one and i really go in a rhythm.  The class WOD ended up being terrible.  I also did it write after eating a pork chop and Shepard's Pie....which was a bad idea:

3 Rds
*1 minute each movement*
Double Unders
Back Squat 155#
Toes 2 Bar
Wall Balls
Hand Stand Walk

My scores

The Handstand walks were horrible.  I figured I would get at least 90' each Rd and only manage 45-48' every time.  My shoulders were fried!  I planned to then do the comp class but I was beat so I sat out.....unusual for me.

Yesterday I took as a rest day but before the 4 class I was pressured (not really but ill make it seem that way) to do:

1 Rep Thruster
285# (PR)

I was pumped.  I went unbroken from 195-275 by 10# and then failed my first attempt at 285#.  Miguel said, "you have it do it again".....and then the above happened.  i was pretty pumped.  Getting Better!


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