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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Team WOD

Two days ago I did one that leaves me wrecked.  I had only done it once before but I remember her well:

5 Rds
Max Rep Bodyweight Bench Press
Max Pull ups

My scores

I know this was a rest as long as needed WOD but I kinda rushed it.  It took me around 20 minutes to finish which I was thinking more like 45 Min initially.

Then, at the last minute I did something else:

3 Min Max Back Squat 225#
3 Min Max burpees

My score
33 - 50

I was slow on the burpees and I was trying to game the squats which did not work as I had hoped.  Next time.
Yesterday was going to be a rest day but then my job happened.....good Excuse!  It started when I joined the afternoon class:

2 x Max KBS 1.5 Pood

The first set I was upset because I felt great my hand got sweaty and the Bell started slipping and I had to drop it.  After this we ran  some sprints.

15 x 100 M Sprints
:20 to make the run
:20 Resr

Made them all in :17 or less

Then we had the comp class at night and I joined in:


SORE and fatigued so I stopped here.  Then we did a Team OHS WOD:

150 Team OHS 115# while partner holds bar overhead
You can only squat when your partner is holding their bar overhead

Our time

I was feeling "Lynne" from yesterday.  Get Better!


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