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Friday, July 13, 2012

Running and Rowing

I have been sitting at the computer when I have had free time to watch and read everything possible about what is going on with the Games.  I thought I would have boycotted the Games because it would be to hard to watch but I cannot help but be drawn in.  I was able to get some training in between classes and updating myself on the Games:

For Time
800 M Run
2000 M Row
800 M Run

My time

I had a good push in this WOD but a member Miguel.  He ended up beating me by a second.  Great push.  After this I worked on some strength:

3 Rep Push Press
255 x 3

Later in the afternoon I ended with some Power Cleans:

100 Power Cleans 115#

My time

This was a good one.  I need to work, as I always say, on going higher reps and getting my grip better.


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