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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Grace and Isabel

Friday was a good day of training.  Started with seom Maxs reps EMOTM:

5 Rds
1 Min Max Power Cleans
1 Min Max Pull ups
1 Min Max Dips
-1 Min Rest-

This felt good to get a lot of volume in.  After this I did 185# x 3 Squat Snatches.  My thumb was bothering me when I caught the bar so I stopped at 7 Min. 

Then came Isabel


1 hour later


I was surprised I got the exact time on this.  I know I can go a lot faster and plan to soon.  I really like these two WODs...they leave you trashed real quick. 

Saturday was a good day to just have some fun in the box.  One of the WODs was a good differfent WOD:

For time
200 M Farmers Carry 2 x 70# KB
400 M Run
200 M Farmers Carry 2 x 70# KB

-5 Min Rest-

2 Person Sled Drag
150#  x 400 M

Then I took off today except I wanted to deadlift some and do Burpees:

EMOTM increasing 1 deadlift to 10

then in the afternoon:

50 Burpees

I felt horrible during the burpees.  Not at all where I want to be.  Need to get better.  I have a comp this Friday in Crown Point which should be fun, need a lot of improvement!



  1. Hello ! I have a little question about your training.
    In your First 5 round, how many weight do you put for the Powerclean ?

    Sorry for my english, I am French !

    Thank you and good luck !