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Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Weekend

I had a great weekend, watching the Games, working out at a pool, and working out at Lake Michigan.  It started Saturday with a Football Game outside at the Box.  Then after that I did a quick team WOD with Wall Balls, Fat Bar Pull ups, and Burpee Box Jumps.  This was more fun then a Workout.  After this I did:

3 Squat Snatch 135
1 Deadlift 365

This was a fun one and by the end we were doing more squat snatches.  Next came in the afternoon where Caitlin Mills and I did a swim/kayak WOD:

For Time
Swim 10 Laps
Run to Canal
Kayak to end of the canal (roughly 600-800 M)
Row Back
Run Back to the pool
Swim 2 Laps

There was no legit time but I think this took around 10 Min.  Fun race.

Sunday we took a trip out to Lake Michigan.  When we got to the Lake:

Hill Sprint
Huge Hill Up
Run down to the right around a tree
Run back to the start

This = PAINFUL....again no idea on time just know going up had my quads and calves on fire....I was even crawling at the end (it was steep).  I wish I would have taken a pic of this sand dune because it was huge!  Then we did a team WOD consisting of Wheel Barrows, sprints, buddy carries, sprints and then a race to the beach.

We then played Volleyball, Football, Rugby and then did a Team Swim WOD:

5 Sprints (Teams of 2)
Swim out 100 M

You had to go out 100M and that was one Rd.  Then you came back to shore.  You ended up finishing out in the water.  We had Tara stand out there.  The water had a sandbar at about 60M and we had her at the end of that waiting.  This was a fun one.

The rest of the day was fun with a trip to some Clay pits, this was all done before 4 PM in the afternoon.  It felt like it was 9 PM!  So much Fun.  Thanks to all the 061ers that came out.....29 of you to be exact!


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