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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Active Rest

I woke up this morning feeling wrecked.  Not sure why.  Hands were unable to hold the bar because they were so tender and then my hips were killing me.  I am not sure why but everything else was just fatigued on me.  Later in the day I did decide to go on a short run like the day before.

Neighborhood Run

This is a nice short run that I will be doing a lot more.

Not doing much today did allow me to pay attention to the Games which started yesterday.  It was awesome to listen to what was going on and also to be able to watch video of the 1st event today.   I would have loved to do this event.  It really makes me want to start doing some Tri's.  I love this stuff!  Amazing how, though I am not there competing, it still keeps you drawn in and I love watching all the athletes give everything they have.  Makes you want to crush yourself to have a chance to compete with them.  Next year!  Get better and compete!


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