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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Grace and Isabel

Friday was a good day of training.  Started with seom Maxs reps EMOTM:

5 Rds
1 Min Max Power Cleans
1 Min Max Pull ups
1 Min Max Dips
-1 Min Rest-

This felt good to get a lot of volume in.  After this I did 185# x 3 Squat Snatches.  My thumb was bothering me when I caught the bar so I stopped at 7 Min. 

Then came Isabel


1 hour later


I was surprised I got the exact time on this.  I know I can go a lot faster and plan to soon.  I really like these two WODs...they leave you trashed real quick. 

Saturday was a good day to just have some fun in the box.  One of the WODs was a good differfent WOD:

For time
200 M Farmers Carry 2 x 70# KB
400 M Run
200 M Farmers Carry 2 x 70# KB

-5 Min Rest-

2 Person Sled Drag
150#  x 400 M

Then I took off today except I wanted to deadlift some and do Burpees:

EMOTM increasing 1 deadlift to 10

then in the afternoon:

50 Burpees

I felt horrible during the burpees.  Not at all where I want to be.  Need to get better.  I have a comp this Friday in Crown Point which should be fun, need a lot of improvement!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Class WOD

I had a good last 2 day of training so I will just jump into it real quick.  Today I am taking off completely and am going out with my wife tonight so that will be nice. 2 Days ago training:

95# Ground to Overhead

My score

15 Min AMRAP
10 Burpees
10 Box Jumps 30''
10 Deadlifts 185

My score
8 Rds + 8 Burpees

5 Rep Deadlift
485 x 0
455 x 3 (this was in prep for 485 which did not want to move much)

1000 M Row
50 Thrusters
30 Pull ups

My time

I had to break the pull ups into 4 sets which really slowed me.

Yesterday I did:

5 Rep Front Squat
325 x 5

EMOTM 10 Min
4 MU's

5 Rds
200 M Run
3 Wall Climbs
2 Rope CLimbs 17ft

My time

Good Day and have a lot planned for tomorrow.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

30 MU's

My elbows are still holding me at bay to not pulling to much.  But I am trying to do as much as they allow.  I decided to do 30 MU's for time today since I have not done then to many times lately.  But first I started with a good friend:


My time
SLOW (2:06)

Not sure why this took so long, but it still hurt even though I was over 2 Minutes.  Later on in the day I went on my run:

Neighborhood Run

Then I did the MU's

30 MU's

My time

I am really planning to be under 3:30 sometime in the near future.  We will see.  Getting better!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Weekend

I had a great weekend, watching the Games, working out at a pool, and working out at Lake Michigan.  It started Saturday with a Football Game outside at the Box.  Then after that I did a quick team WOD with Wall Balls, Fat Bar Pull ups, and Burpee Box Jumps.  This was more fun then a Workout.  After this I did:

3 Squat Snatch 135
1 Deadlift 365

This was a fun one and by the end we were doing more squat snatches.  Next came in the afternoon where Caitlin Mills and I did a swim/kayak WOD:

For Time
Swim 10 Laps
Run to Canal
Kayak to end of the canal (roughly 600-800 M)
Row Back
Run Back to the pool
Swim 2 Laps

There was no legit time but I think this took around 10 Min.  Fun race.

Sunday we took a trip out to Lake Michigan.  When we got to the Lake:

Hill Sprint
Huge Hill Up
Run down to the right around a tree
Run back to the start

This = PAINFUL....again no idea on time just know going up had my quads and calves on fire....I was even crawling at the end (it was steep).  I wish I would have taken a pic of this sand dune because it was huge!  Then we did a team WOD consisting of Wheel Barrows, sprints, buddy carries, sprints and then a race to the beach.

We then played Volleyball, Football, Rugby and then did a Team Swim WOD:

5 Sprints (Teams of 2)
Swim out 100 M

You had to go out 100M and that was one Rd.  Then you came back to shore.  You ended up finishing out in the water.  We had Tara stand out there.  The water had a sandbar at about 60M and we had her at the end of that waiting.  This was a fun one.

The rest of the day was fun with a trip to some Clay pits, this was all done before 4 PM in the afternoon.  It felt like it was 9 PM!  So much Fun.  Thanks to all the 061ers that came out.....29 of you to be exact!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Running and Rowing

I have been sitting at the computer when I have had free time to watch and read everything possible about what is going on with the Games.  I thought I would have boycotted the Games because it would be to hard to watch but I cannot help but be drawn in.  I was able to get some training in between classes and updating myself on the Games:

For Time
800 M Run
2000 M Row
800 M Run

My time

I had a good push in this WOD but a member Miguel.  He ended up beating me by a second.  Great push.  After this I worked on some strength:

3 Rep Push Press
255 x 3

Later in the afternoon I ended with some Power Cleans:

100 Power Cleans 115#

My time

This was a good one.  I need to work, as I always say, on going higher reps and getting my grip better.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Active Rest

I woke up this morning feeling wrecked.  Not sure why.  Hands were unable to hold the bar because they were so tender and then my hips were killing me.  I am not sure why but everything else was just fatigued on me.  Later in the day I did decide to go on a short run like the day before.

Neighborhood Run

This is a nice short run that I will be doing a lot more.

Not doing much today did allow me to pay attention to the Games which started yesterday.  It was awesome to listen to what was going on and also to be able to watch video of the 1st event today.   I would have loved to do this event.  It really makes me want to start doing some Tri's.  I love this stuff!  Amazing how, though I am not there competing, it still keeps you drawn in and I love watching all the athletes give everything they have.  Makes you want to crush yourself to have a chance to compete with them.  Next year!  Get better and compete!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

CrossFit Games start today

I am sitting at my desk in the box listening to the CrossFit Games WOD 1...the TRI!  It is awesome to have this available.  I would have loved to be going through the pain with them but this is the next best thing.

Yesterday I did not do a whole lot but somehow I am wrecked today.....deciding to take an off day today and watch/listen to the Games.  I started yesterday with:

30 MU's

My time

I was not to happy with this but but I still have not been doing to much on the rings or bars.  Because I have been steering away from it with the tendentious I have lost focus on including the use of them as much as possible. I then did a burner:

3 Rds
Max Wall Balls
10 Burpees

My scores

This was ridiculous.  I could not hold the ball after my first wall balls.  I then took some time off and went on a short run to the end of a local neighborhood.  Not to long but a nice run.  Seeing the Tri for the Games has me wanting to run more.

Box Neighborhood Run

Then in the afternoon with Caitlin I did some sprints.  But before the sprints I deadlifted:

1 Rep Deadlifted

I pulled this easy.  I wanted to do the CrossFit total but had a big class, so I just decided to pull 505 which was on one of the bars of an athlete.  Then the run right after:

12 100M Sprints
:20 to make the run :20 rest

This burns the Hamstrings and also my right foot was on fire!!!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Push Presses and DU's

Yesterday was a fun day of training.  It started with a Main Site WOD I programmed for the box:

5 Rds
25 Push Presses 75#
50 DU's

My time

I was happy to get under 7...but this was much harder then I thought it would be on the shoulders.  I did the 2K Row I talked about yesterday right after this.  Then I did:

Squat Snatch Isabel

My time

I love this WOD because it burns and is quick.  Problem is I seem to think I should get this in the lower 2's not high 2's.  I will keep working these medium weights.  I then decided to throw in some bench:

Death by Bench

My score
14 Rds + 11

I had a guess that 14 would be the end at this one.  I was able to push through and get into the Rd of 15's.  It always feel nice to bench since I do it so little and you get to lie down the entire time!

I through the bar up on the rack and then went for some light squats:

135# Back Squat

My score

I felt really slow on this and resorted to going by 5's after about the first 30.  A nice little burn to end.  I hope today is just as good of a training day as yesterday was.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Good weekend

I am starting to try to row more now that my arms feel better.  I am wanting to row 2000 Meters a day.  I started on Saturday after a team WOD at the box with a 2 K and then on Sunday I did a met-con with rowing.

5 Rds
400 M Row
50 M Swim

My time

Not sure on the time because the person timing me stopped the clock after 4 Rds thinking I was done.  I guess they thought I was faster.  I then also rowed a 2 K today:

2 K Row

Have a good day planned today.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Clean & Jerk PR

I was not able to do much this weekend.  We were traveling a lot and relaxing....which had me lazy when I had the time to do something.  So, Monday I wanted to get some work done.  My sister was in town and I was running errands all day but needed to find a way.  I started with a quick WOD between classes and hit a PR:

Hang Power Clean 95#
Wall Ball 20#


I went unbroken on this and felt great a out it.  I then did:

30 Power Cleans 225#

My time

I was not to happy about this.  I feel I should be much better and faster at this.  So, after the next class I wanted to go heavy on my cleans:

Max Clean & Jerk
325# (PR)

335# (FAILED Jerk...PR on Power Clean)

Pumped I hit this and glad I taped it.  An ugly clean but none the less a good lift.  I then went for 335 and hit it but failed the jerk.  I know I will get this soon.  I now need to test my Squat Clean Max.  The class was doing 12.1 Open WOD and I wanted to Jump in so I did.

Open WOD 12.1
7 Min AMRAP Burpees

My score

I paced it the entire time and ended with this.  Last time I went all out and died so I figured I would improve even though I have slacked on my burps.  Unfortunately I was wrong.  Next time I will beat it.  That was my day.