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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Regionals WODs Announced Tonight!

I had a good training day yesterday starting with Main Site from a few days ago:

For Time
800 M Run
10 Rds
10 Pull Ups
10 Dips
800 M Run

My time

I liked this one.  I had a few classes and then I trained with Adrian:

Open WOD
150 Wall Balls
90 DU's
30 MU's

My score

I held back some because me and Adrian were so close during the MU's.  After this we did:

20 Min AMRAP (2 Bars)
10 Min EMOTM
6 Clean & Jerks 155
10 Min EMOTM
2 Clean & Jerks 255#

The first 2 Minutes I did 1 rep a minute and then finished with 2 reps.  I needed time to recover and this was crushing.  Then we ran sprints:

20 Sprints 100 M
:20 to make the 100M
-:20 Rest-

This was a good day.  Rest day today and then hitting it hard tomorrow!!


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