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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Open WOD 12.3, CrossFit 061 Equipment, and DL PR

Big day today and it will be an even busier weekend with all of the equipment arriving tomorrow at the box. We will be hoping for a lot of help from whomever can make it out. Aside from working on preparing the box I did Open WOD 12.3: 18 Min AMRAP 15 Box jumps 24' 12 Push Press (shoulder to overhead) 115 9 T2B My score 12 rds + 4 box jumps (436 reps) This was a good WOD but I think I paced it just a little to much in the beginning but I am still happy with the score. I later went on a run around the new area where the box will be: Run around area 6:25 Then went into running some sprints: 10 rds 100m sprint :40 to sprint 100m, remaining time is rest I ran these between 15-17 seconds and I believe it was just under 100m. The en when I got home: Deadlift 10 rep Max 415 I was really happy about this and nearly only got 9 reps but gutted out the last one. Next came: Death by 2 pood KBS 15 rds I stopped at 15 when it got uncomfortable. Mi went into this right before bed knowing it was not going to be an allot effort. I just wanted to do something before bed but not sweat.

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  1. would love to help... what times are you guys going to be there this weekend working?