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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Official....Signed up at the local Globo Gym

I did it....it took awhile....but I did it.  I was there waiting for about 45 minutes until they could figure out I only wanted 2 months and that I would pay it all up front.  Simple, well they wanted a non direct withdrawal fee and they they wanted me to pay bi-monthly.....I kept saying "I want to pay 2 months and be done, no billing, no contract."  We ended up getting it worked out.  So I was off:

2 Mile Run (14 Laps)

My time

Back Squat
225 x 20


7 Back Squat 225#

This felt good but I was so worried about getting in trouble that I was really nervous.  Hopefully I get more comfortable in there within the next 2 months.  I also deadlifted a little bit but after people staring at me while I was doing 315# I decided to wait until I was in the Box to deadlift.  Still good to get some work in at lunch.


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  1. Nick, my wife and I recently had our first baby girl...resulting in me doing all my week day WODs at a Globo Gym on a college campus. I feel your pain. I get lots of looks, but I dish out just as many at all the people doing things with poor form or just plain strange exercises. I find myself doing tons of bodyweight WODs. Anyways, I look forward to hearing some good Globo Gym stories.