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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Globo WOD...Modified "Nancy"

I went to lunch prepared to do a WOD similar to Nancy but was not sure if i would do "Nancy" or replace it with thrusters and just run on the track.  I decided to think it over while I warmed up:

1K Row

My time

I did not actually look to see my pace but I was rowing a 1:50 the whole time so survey says 3:40ish.  After this I decided to do a modified Nancy:

10 Rds
230 M Run (1 Lap)
10 OHS 95#

My time

I had a lot of people staring at me and a lot of questions again, this time though I knew it would take longer and I had limited time.  I went right into the WOD and then was off to the showers.  I had a guy follow me all the way back talking about how there are only 4 legitimate people in this gym throwing weight around.....this guy was an interesting fellow....he then said, "and 3 of them are here....me, you, and Josh over there, he can throw weight around"  I said that I would only be here for a short time though and showered.  Overall the WOD was good and fried my lower back...some of that had to do with yesterdays deads.  I like having a new workout option.

My brother and his girlfriend came over and after a lot of talk about you know what (CROSSFIT)....I talked him into doing a WOD:

5 Rds
1 Min to get 30 unbroken 2 Pood KBS
-1 Min Rest-

My scores

I believe this is the first time that I have got 30 in more then just the 1st rd.  I am happy about that.  my brother used 1.5 pood.  It was cool to do that with him even though he only did 2 Rds because he deadlifted yesterday....he is just starting CrossFit.


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  1. Dude I've been doing that KB swing WOD in my apt about once per week since I don't have keys to a gym anymore.

    The orginial CFFB version is Russian swings, which is doable although it crushed my forearms. I completely fall apart after three rounds trying to go American.