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Monday, December 12, 2011

Back Squats and still not 100% yet

I feel much better but have that AHHHH feeling still.  I was going to take off but decided a little work wouldn't hurt especially since I have a competition on Sunday.  I started with:

EMOTM Back Squat 10 Min
325 x 2

I wanted to go for 3 reps and did on the first minute but I was not warmed up enough and was not feeling to great so I backed off a bit.  After this:

Power Clean Max

I failed 315 3 times and had it but had it to far out front.  I felt good about this based on how I felt physically so I know next week I will nail this.  I just need to hammer technique and I will be good.  I jumped in with class before running out for work:

8 Rds (25# Vest)
5 Hang Power Clean 155#
7 Jump and touch 24' above reach
20 Mountain Climbers Total

My time

The vest added a lot to this WOD especially on the jumps.  The mountain climbers were more of a filler but I was breathing heavy and it got me more then I thought it would.  I used the middle of the pull up rig to touch a bar that was just about exactly 24 inches overhead.  Enjoyed doing something after taking a few days off. 


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