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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Did the FINAL WOD in the Beat the Team Series today for Again Faster.  I almost did not do it though.  When I woke up my quads were in pain....I started to roll out but could put little to NO pressure on them. I thought, "do I really need to do this because I may not finish.?"  Fortunately I decided to do it:

4 Rds
8 Power Cleans 205#
8 Front Squat 205#
8 Pistols

My time

I really feel I could do this in the low 8's if I were fresh.  This is pretty much a perfect WOD for me.  Moderately heavy and skills that I am good at.  Problem is I knew if I picked the bar up to early....I would fail on the squats.  So, I took my time.  Video Below

Here is the video in my basement.  I slept in today when my alarm did not go off so I apologize for anyone who went to the 5:30 AM class....I am SO SORRY!  I did not have a whole lot of time because of this so I had to do the WOD in my basement.  Luckily, I did not have to go overhead and it was possible to do in the basement with low ceilings. 
This was a fun competition!  Thank you Again Faster!!


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