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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Early Morning then Work

I got up, played with Jada for a minute and then hit the box.  I had an idea of what I wanted to do but with my back still really tight I was not sure how much i would get through:

1 Rep Max Snatch
185 -195 - 205 - 215 - 225 - 235(FAILED 3x)

I was not feeling to confident in the bottom today and I had the bar to far out front so I had to keep leaning into it.  i was not to happy about that and also had 235 over head easy but i could not stick it.  Next time!  Then:

Squat Snatch Isabel 135#

My time

I FAILED the first rep and then another one in the 20's.  It felt light and I was not exploding through the hips so I was not being very efficient.  I was hoping for sub 2:45...but not today.  I LOVE THIS WOD.  really tough!  I decided to stop here and wait for the class.  I warmed up with the class and got to do a team WOD with Chels:

15 min AMRAP: 3 person Team WOD
Each person is at a station until the person on rower hits 250 M then you rotate:
250 M Row
Max Hand Release Push ups
Max 2 Pood KBS

Score was max Push ups and KBS.  This was a good WOD to just keep moving.  I am not sure what my score was but I liked being able to work out with my wife.  Always fun.  I am not sure what is on the agenda tonight but it will be a Met-con or Vest run after work.....not sure yet.

When I got home:

Unbroken EMOTM until FAILURE
Increase 1 rep every minute of each movement
Ground to Overhead 30# DB (did not touch ground because I have wood floors where I did this)

My score
12 Rds + 3 HSPU

I was not sure if I would get 12 HSPU unbroken but I did it.....13 was out of the question.  Good WOD before bed.  Hope to get Santora in tomorrow morning!  Looking forward to that WOD.

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