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Monday, November 14, 2011

Death by 10 M

I got to the gym late today and was not able to do everything I was wanted to do.  I hurried to get through a WOD before the class started, did another one like we did in Columbus:

5 Rds
1 Min Max Pull ups
1 Min Max Deadlifts 275#
1 Min Max dips
-1 Min Rest-

I am not sure what my scores were.  The deads were real Low, I was over 30 on all the pull ups rds and over 20 on all the dips.  Transitioning to the deads proved harder then anticipated.  It made it feel real heavy.  After this I jumped in with the class:

Death by 10 M

My score
18 + 18

I missed getting 19 by 1 foot.  I slowed on Rd 17 though when my foot started to heat up from the cutting.  i tried a new pair of shoes and it felt like a HUGE blister was forming so I gave in to the pain.  I was feeling better then I thought I would though and felt like 20 was in thecards.  Next time!  Nothing more tonight since I will be at work until close, tomorrow I am off and coach in the morning.  Should be a good training day to get better!


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