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Thursday, November 17, 2011

AF WOD 5, OHS, and Deadlifts

I took off the day from training yesterday and had a great day today.  Alex Griff came down again to train at the box with me and we started with the AF WOD 5:

3 Rds
25 DU's
25 Push Ups Hand Release
60 M Shuttle (10 M)

My time

Here is the VIDEO
Next we did:

Max Body Weight Overhead Squat
185# x 21

I was really happy with hitting 21 reps but know I have more in me!  Here is the vid of the OHS:

We next hit a WOD where we alternated reps:

10 Min AMRAP
5 Power Snatch 135# (Alex used 95)

Our score
16 Rds (I had 2 reps to finish my 16th Rd so I did them after the time expired)

We both went unbroken touch and go for nearly the whole time.  At about Rd 11 or 12 I started breaking up the reps.  Then:

Max Box Jump Height
55.5 inches 1 step
51 inches No step

I just missed 57.5 inches.  I had it but could not get my left foots heal on the box.  Then came the Deads:

Deadlift Maxes

My weights
455 PR x 1
335 x 10
455 x 1
275 x 20
445 x 1
225 x 30

I know the 455 is not a true PR but I wanted to hit it the whole way, which the 3rd single I failed.  I was still happy with a PR.  All the other weights were a little to light....but I know my back and hammies will be on fire tomorrow.  We finished with:

3 Rds
500 M Row
12 MU's

My time

I had no pull left for the MU's.....I was surprised with how hard this WOD was.  A good day of training none the less.  Thanks Alex for coming out to train and give a good push!


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