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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Busy Morning, NO WODS though!

First, my burpees from last night HURT!

50 Burpees

Last night I got home to an empty house wondering where my family was.....after 15 minutes of phone calls I found out we were having company and they would be arriving within 15 minutes.  New plans I told myself no time for a WOD and I did not want to look like an idiot or be stressed when they were over....I get irritable if I do not work out when I want to.....so I started my watch and did 50 burpees.  AND....they hurt, like normal.  Tonights burpees:

50 Burpees

We hung out and then I found out I had to take my daughter and sister in law (who is only 9) to my mother in laws house in the morning because my wife was heading to Michigan to go on a wine tasting early in the morn.  So I was busy getting them all ready and then myself ready to get to work on time.  I dropped them off and on the car ride home was pondering WODs.  I am actually still deciding what to write on this post, knowing that I have to do what is on paper.......here we go:

5 Rds
1 Min Max rep Power Clean 135#
-1 Min Rest-
1 Min Max rep OHS 135#
-1 Min Rest-

My scores
PC: 21-17-16-15-15
OHS: 15-19-18-17-18

You need to complete at least 3 reps unbroken for the reps to count.  I need to complete a minimum of 15 reps per Rd....If I do not get 15 reps total there is a 500 M Row per Rd that I do not complete 15 reps.  I am excited to do this and we will see how it pans out.

I had not penalties.  Having the 3 rep minimum made you have to go at a certain amount of time on the clock in order to get the amount of reps needed.  The was a good change of pace.  Then came something horrible:

50 burpees

Felt good and went at a consistant pace tonight


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