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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Band Sprints HURT

I normally train alone....but I know the benefit of band sprints....(training alone does not allow me to do these very often because I need a partner to give resistance on the band).  The benefit being they HURT and they leave you SORE.  Since I was able to go into the Box last night I joined in on the 4:15 class.  The WOD was a good one:

Push Jerk 185# (SCALED Up to 225#)
Band sprint forwards 20 M
Dead Hang Pull ups
Band Sprint Backwards 20M

My time

I could barely walk afterwards.  The band sprints MADE this WOD, and the Push Jerks were scary when you felt like you had no legs under you.  Afterwards I did:

2 Rds
Max Pull ups

My scores

I did not know why but I dropped at 44 in a good rhythm.  On the 2nd Rd I stopped and then dropped.  I feel that my pull ups are getting better again.  It is weird, I have done them less but feel better at them. Maybe it is that I am allowing myself to recover.....I am not sure but I accept it. 

This morning I stayed in bed and then did a Main Site WOD from last week in my basement.  Not happy with what I got, but I know there is plenty of room for improvement:

Power Clean 135#
Bar-facing burpees

My time

My hamstrings were on fire when I was doing my cleans.  I think that has a lot to do with yesterday.....on FIRE!  I dropped after 4 cleans in my 12's.  I shook my head.  My lungs were on fire and the bar was hard to pick up.  This is a good measuring stick.  This is a quick burner that is tough to go unbroken quickly.  I will be throwing this or things similar into my training.

After a 10 Min rest I had heavy front squats on the agenda, unfortunately I did not make it to the gym because of the amount of time I had this morning.  I am unable to do HEAVY front squats because I do not have squat racks.....so.....I did the next best thing:

Tabata Front Squats 165# from the ground

My score

This was heavy in the sets of 5 and picking up the bar was a CHORE.  Enjoyed this though.  I do not do tabatas enough.....and know why.....they hurt.

I had a good morning and plan to get in a good run at lunch today.  Hopefully the weather stays perfect because it is awesome running weather!!!


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