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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Would not Change a Thing

CrossFit is truly training for the unknown and unknowable.....and sometimes the untrainable.  After leaving California I have been thinking a lot about the events, my time training, the sacrifice, the physical, mental, and emotional breakdowns.  This past year has been full of ups and downs and after all my thoughts about the past week I would not change a thing that I have done.  Everything I did up until the Games has made me such a better person.  Who knows.  If I trained differently, I may not have even been there.

There was no way I could have trained for the Swim event in the ocean.....I have no ocean like the Pacific and no sand like THAT beach had.  Rob Orlando said it great......"I can swim 250 M in a pool EASILY.....but in that ocean I had 2 decisions, try to finish and drown....or DNF.....I chose DNF."   He is an amazing athlete but he had know way to prepare for that.

I began my training for 2012 today....but not just 2012.....I am looking forward to all the local competitions and the growth of Crossfit.  I am excited to see the growth of the sport and the impact it will have on peoples lives.....as it has had on mine.  This morning:

3 Rep Deadlift Max
225# x 3
275# x 3
315# x 3
345# x 3
375# x 3
395# x 3

Didn't go to heavy, taking it easy and building up......then:

2 Min Max Deadlift 225#

My score
37 (27 unbroken)

I wanted to start with a weakness to get a jump start on increasing it.  I have a lot to work on and not a whole lot of time.  I will be taking it easy and concentrating on efficiency in movements while increasing strength.  This will be a fun YEAR!!!!

Went on a Run at lunch in the park......took awhile to stop sweating:


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