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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fun Day

I had a fun day yesterday of training. Tried something new, but first:

5 Rds
30 KBS 2Pood in 1 Min
-1 min rest between Rds-

My score

I did not hit the 30 a minute, nor have I ever.  I will though.  I did this at lunch and then when I got home I did some Deadlifting:

Work up to 1 Rep Max
425 x 1 (that's all the weight I have at home)

Then I did:

EMOTM 5 DL 315#

My score
10 Rds + 4

My goal was to go unbroken as long as I could....I wanted 20 Min but I actually gave in at Rds 11 because the outside of my right knee started to bother me and I would rather call it then injure myself.  I will have plenty more days in the future to get better.

I then wanted to try something new.  I went outside to our porch and did Wall MU's.  I have a 5 Foot wall on my porch that I tried this at:

Wall MU's
50 Wall MU's
-2 min rest-
50 Wall MU's

My times
1:45 / 1:48

Here is the Video of my second Rd:

I enjoyed these and they were much harder then I thought they would be and they looked.  I watched it thinking that looked easy but my traps and triceps were wrecked.  ESPECIALLY after this RD!!!

Fun day planned for today.


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  1. Hurry up before a neighbor comes out!! priceless