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Monday, July 25, 2011

4 Days....We Leave at 3 AM tomorrow for the Airport!

I had planned to take off yesterday.....but why take off when i will have plenty of rest Tue, Wed, and Thur?  So.....I worked on what needed working on.  Deadlifting:

1 Min Max reps 225#
-1 min rest-
1 min Max reps 275#
-1 min rest-
1 min Max reps 315#
-1 min rest-
1 min Max reps 365#
-1 min rest-

My scores

I was happy with this.  I took it easy because my right knee starting feeling like it was going to give out so I lowered the intensity at the end of the 275# and that helped......it may have been fatigue....not sure. 

This morning I got up and went to a class.....which has been awhile since I have done that as my last hurrah before heading to Cali.  We did:

Death by 10 Meters

My score
18 Rds + 18

Again I pushed hard enough to feel it but did not over do it.  I felt my quads really start to burn so i knew I was good.  I plan to hit a quick WOD tonight and then off to the airport VERY early!  Heck ya.....4 DAYSSSSSSS!!!!!!


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