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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where to start.....43 DAYS until the big Dance!

Again.....I reiterate....this is all new to me....the sponsor contacts, the training for THE event in Crossfit, the brain games.  It is a whirlwind.  I came home and new I needed to do something after being at work all day:

5 Rds Max KBS 1.5 Pood
1 Min Rest between Rds

I would not actually call this max swings.  It was more of let go when the bell gets to slick because your scared to drop it on the hardwood floor.  I am going to start doing this with a 2 Pood in the gym so I have some chalk for grip.  After this I took about 2 min and then:

50 Burpees

I sat there in agony and then went to bet.  This morning I decided to stay home and train in the garage before work:

Death by Clean & Jerk 135#

My score
10 Rds + 8

This sucked and I have only done it one time before and it sucked then too.  I want to make sure that i am going overhead enough since I am now able to.  You will see a lot of overhead in the next few weeks to build myself back up.

I took about 10 Minutes and then:

Death By Deadlift 275#

My score
10 Rds + 1

I stopped myself because form became an issue after the 10's.  I probably would not have finished the rest of the Rd but I new I had to be safe.  Again I am starting to build myself up in the Deadlift and this was the beginning,  I am planning to do a few WODs tonight with some heavy Front Squats and Heavy Deadlifts.  Should be great!

During a break I went out to the park:

6 Rds
200 M run
15 KBS 2 pood

My time

Trying to get better in the next 6 weeks........43 DAYS Until the big dance!!!

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