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Friday, June 17, 2011

Rest Day

I got home, grabbed a snack and headed to the gym with a plan.  I started with Nancy.....which I immediately regretted since the running WOD I did earlier in the day:

5 Rds
400 M Run
15 OHS 95#

My time

I was running very slow and could feel the fatigue in my legs.  After I hit a PR:

Front Squat 3 Rep Max
305# x 3

Then I did Tabatas:
Pull ups
-1 Min Rest-
Box Jumps 24'

No burpees today.  I woke up and realized that I was pretty tired.  Not sore but run down so I thought that meant a good day to take off.  I did do Yoga this morning and then:

Tabata Push ups

The rest of the day will be taken off and then hit hard tomorrow with Doug.  Get better!!!!!  42 Days Left!!!


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