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Monday, May 30, 2011

Prep Work Continues

Chelssie made a shirt for Regionals to help support me:

Broken Bones
Broken Dreams

Nick Urankar
2011 Games Bound!

Thanks Chels I will make you proud no matter what the results!

I was notified today and asked if I was ok because I have not posted in awhile.....well.....things are going great and I am VERY excited for Regionals in less than 2 weeks!!!!  CRAZY.....I thought I would not be saying that for at least another year.  I will also say I have been getting very emotional about the thoughts of making it to the Crossfit Games and LA.  I would not be able to express my feelings if this dream were to come true.....I know screaming like a pre-teen would be something that would occur.  I did do a few things yesterday that made me feel good, the first was a feel good story because it showed progress:

Deadlift 315#
Box jump 30'

my time

Then after a 40 min rest:

100 pull ups
100 KBS 1.5 pood
100 DU's
100 OHS 95#

my time

I was very strict with my movements and in a competition I feel I can push this time down under 17 min.  I came back in the afternoon and did some more:

Max Snatch

My weight
230# (PR)
235# (FAILED)

I was pumped to get a new PR so close to my injury and after some intense WODS.  After this I did an old friend:


my time

This hurt me and showed I need lots of improvement.  I should be doing this under 1:40 by now.....but I do have problems going overhead right now and will continue to work on my shoulder.  It is no longer my collarbone that bothers me but the muscles in the back of my shoulder.  They are all very tight and I need about 15-20 minutes of prep in order to prepare them to go overhead.  Fortunately there is not much overhead at Regionals.  I then did:

Max Thruster

my weight
245# (FAILED)

Shoulder was loose from Grace so I jumped into this afterwards to test the shoulder and work on thrusters.  When I got home I almost got out of doing burpees.....until right before I was going to bed the wife asked if I had done them.   I put my head down, walked down stairs and started the clock:

50 burpees

I was ready for bed now and am prepared for a great week of training.  Tue-Wed-Thur will be great days to get better.  Today is going to be an easy day of low intensity work.  Good luck and get better!


My time

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  1. Just wanted to let you know there are people out here following the blog and pulling for you to represent Northern Indiana. Your hundreds time is out of this world. Good luck at regionals and the games...