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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am trying to get in some longer WODs to help build myself back up......especially in hopes that i am able to compete in Regionals.....FINGERS CROSSED!

This morning in the box we did a nice skill WOD.....not really a lung burner.....but I guess if i went harder anything can burn the lungs. It was raining outside so we changed it up a bit:

20 Min AMRAP
100 M Row
30 DU's
10 OHS 95#

My score
10 Rds + 7 OHS

This was a fun WOD and the OHS were not bad.  I was able to squat clean them and go unbroken throughout.  I did another MU as well before class just to make me feel good!  I will be hitting another WOD and some strength work tonight.  Most likely the WOD will be the Open WOD 11.6.  Should be fun!

I went back to the box at night and hit up the Open WOD 11.6:

3-6-9-12-15....on up
Thrusters 100#
Chest 2 bar pull ups

My score
117 Points

I got to the 18's on the C2B pull ups. The WOD was great and my collar bone held up well.  It was tight and I was limited on how many reps unbroken I could go as well as I was unable to butterfly.  Hopefully that will come soon!

I then played around with Wall Balls and Box jumpe 20' with the class.  And when I got home:

50 burpees


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