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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Active Rest Day

I haven't taken a true rest day in awhile because I rested so long initially after my injury.  Now 5 weeks out from my broken collar bone and a lot of the same movements I have decided to rest.  I only did 1 thing....

After the classes last night I made challenges to everyone.....this morning I did the same thing and had three people stand up to the challenge.  The challenge:

1 Min Max rep Deadlift 225# (Women 155#)

My score

I got to 26 and then dropped the bar.....at that point it was hard for me to keep going, having not burned my hamstrings like that in quite awhile.  Another good one to keep doing while I progress. 

Another HUGE positive that happened last night.....I did a Pull up....and not just 1 but 3 in a row!!!!  it felt great.  As I began going up I was anticipating the pain to set it but nothing!  I went at a very slow pace but was still very excited when I got done with my third pull up.  Soon I will be kipping and throwing weight overhead again!!!!  Boo Ya!


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