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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sometimes moving may not motivate but can give you results

I woke up this morning......late.....planned to leave at 5:45am.....didn't leave until 6:15am. Once I got to the gym I had a plan, and almost changed it due to feeling that the initial WOD would stuck. I forced myself to start moving and not think about it....I always hate when I give in to de-motivation....but I need the work to get better:

25 Rt arm KB Snatches 1.5 Pood
25 Lt arm KB snatches 1.5 Pood
50 Push Press 95#
50 Chest 2 bar
50 Walking lunges 45# plate
50 T2B
50 Double-unders

My time

Rough but felt great when i finished other then I felt like I did not leave it all out there. I told myself that sometimes you need those kind of WODs. Next was some strength:

Front Squat 10 RM
235# x 10

Worked up to this. Increased my weight from last time 10#. I was happy but know I can do more. Next:

Snatch balance 1 RM
255# (FAILED...had it Overhead but could not stand with it)


Back Jerk
315# (FAILED....had it up, I just did not drop under it in the Jerk low enought)

I am planning to do a short met-con at home and my normal burpees and KBS.


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