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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Regional Areas Announced

Regional for the Central East is going to be June 10-12th. It was a surprise when they announced the areas because last year there were 12 states that came together to make up our Regional. They had talked about using the top athletes and rearranging the regions....they must have thought we have a high centralized amount of athletes in our area because they lowered the Regional to only 5 States: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee.

It is exciting to have some more answers. 3 1/2 months until Regionals. I am super excited!

I had to be at work early for a meeting so I was not able to get any work done. Have some plans when i get home....not sure if I will have time to get to all of it, but I hope so:

75 Burpees (2:50)
50 KBS 2 pood

My time

This hurt....big difference doing 75 burpees and using a 2 pood kb from 50 burpees and 50 KBS 1.5 Pood!


Deadlift 5 RM
225# x 5
275# x 5
295# x 5
315# x 5
345# x 5
365# x 5

Felt easy, this is my base and will be trying to increase this weight each week, as I will with all of my lifts. Need to get some chalk though because my hands get sweaty and slip off the bar.

Power Clean was next but I did the first one with 225# and when I was in the hook grip I must have pulled to hard on my thumb because I got a shooting pain and decided to call in on that note.


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