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Monday, January 3, 2011

New AF Comp

I love these Again Faster Competitions. I just finished 2nd in the last 3 WOD comp. I was in first until the last 2 hours where someone beat me by 4 reps.......oh well, that's why I need to get better! Can't leave it to chance.

Today I went to the gym with some really sore legs. I had seen Main Site and was hoping the class was going to do it.....which we did:

3 Rds

400 M Run
30 OHS 75#
21 Pull ups

My Time:

My first running WOD since all the snow. Need to do more of this....I am thinking of making my Tabata Sprints longer instead of only :20. I had an idea from Brandon to do :40 on and :20 off. I will work on tabata for that. Still those sprints kill my legs. Took the rest of the day off....except my burpees tonight....cannot forget those.

Tomorrow the Again Faster WOD.

50 Burpees


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