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Saturday, December 18, 2010

3 Days in a row....almost completely off...not fun!

We...sometimes you do not always get to do what you want. Case in point today. I had planned to have a good training weekend, which has turned into a binge eating bagel day. I am working today for 15 hours so it has turned into an off day. Yesterday I did get some work in:

5 Rds

185# Front Squat (pull weight from the floor

My Time:

Then Power Clean
8 x 2

185# x 2
205# x 2
215# x 2
225# x 2
235# x 2
245# x 2
255# x 2
275# x (FAILED1st Rep)

Did not feel very productive but it was something. I am planning to do the competition workouts from the Midwest Hopper going on today. Other then that I did burpees in the back office last night. I plan on doing that again today. I will be off at 9:30PM tonight and I got in at 7:40AM. The next two days will be good training days!


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