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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Have you ever had a friend who saved your life?....I have one!

Have you ever had a friend who was never...and I mean never mad at you?....I have one!

Have you ever had a friend who jumped for joy at the sight of you....I have one!

Have you ever had a friend who was up for anything, even when you knew they would not have fun?....I have one!

When in life have you ever had someone who meant so much to you and you to him....get ripped from you in a matter of moments?....I have!

My best friend, outside of my wife, passed away last night. Sparticus, a five year old boxer. Someone who did not have a mean bone in his body....yet would do anything to protect the ones he cared for.

This showed true when he jumped in front of an Irish Wolfhound who was in the midst of attacking me. The dog jumped at me (and sparty, over a hundred pounds smaller stopped him in mid air.) He ended with multiple stitches and a new bad attitude for big dogs.....but still had me because of his heroism. Unfortunately, i could not be that hero for him today....even though I wish I could have.

He developed Bloat over the night, where his stomach fills with air because it gets knotted up (I believe this is what happened in "Marley and Me"). At 2:00 AM I went down to check on him because my wife heard him crying. Within a half hour he was at the vet. The vet said it would be best to put him down because he was in a lot of pain, it was getting worse, and it seemed that his stomach was dieing....he would probably not make it through a surgery.

My wife was histerical and at 3:00 AM the vet asked if we wanted him creamated or if we wanted to bring his body home.....

WHAT!!!!! He is the healthiest dog I know! He's Super Dog! he's my bud! he has a family! he's my dog! Not him! Why him! It's a joke! He was fine hours ago! How could this happen! who will I run with! I wish I would have ran more with him! I love him!.....

And just after 3:00 AM he was laid to rest. Nothing could be done which is what hurts the most.

They say you learn from death. About what is important in life and how fast things can be taken away. I always heard it and can honestly say understood it and believed I lived by it....he showed me there is always room for improvement and things change slowly. So you may feel you are living a certain way when you actually, used to live that way but slowly changed a different direction. I appologize to him for that.

He has impacted me more then just a best friend and a great dog to my family and myself. He leaves us with a missing piece of our family....never to be replaced! And ultimately there was a plan for his life just like there is one for me. He has made my life better...without him...it would not be as good as it is. I hope everyone has a friend like my fiend. You to could only be so lucky! 5 years is a lot of memories, and a lot of time....I only wish there was more time.

I know this will only make me stronger and a better person to the people and animals around me. Take care of your friends, hold the ones you love, and be greatful and thankful for those who are always thankful for you! NEVER take for granted a second, even in the moments when you wish you were dead....because you could be!

I have one request, Sparticus loved to run....and there is a workout I would love to get named after him:

30 Min AMRAP:

Rnd 1-800m Run, Chest To Bar Pull ups
Rnd 2-800m Run, HSPU
Rnd 3-800m Run, Thrusters (Bar)
Rnd 4-800m Run, SDHP (Bar)
Rnd 5-800m Run, Box Jumps
Rnd 6-800m Run, BURPEES

I am going to do this workout as soon as I can in his memory. Working out is something I am passionate about and he was passionate about running with me, always up for it! I love him! Thank you for everything you gave to me, you were a blessing in my life!!!!

R.I.P. Sparticus Maximus Riggs



  1. I'm so sorry, Nick. Now that I have a pet of my own, I can't imagine having to deal with the death of a perfectly healthy dog. I'm so, so sorry.

  2. Sorry that you lost one of your best friendsitd never easy losing someone you love...sorry man

  3. Nick,

    I am so sorry for the loss of Sparty. I can relate to your pain and I will pray for you and Chels to remember all the good times.