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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All for a dog....and I do not Care!

So......after everything today.....I decided to take a half day at work and spend time with the wife and baby. It was great. I told myself I was going to relax and take the day off. Sparty would not like that! He would want to RUN.....RUN....and RUN!
I was sent a challenge by The Lion to beat him in a few WODs, one had a lot of running and new it was perfect for Sparty. He told me if I beat his scores I could name this WOD. Well, I had a goal to do this WOD and name it Sparticus (it is unofficially Sparticus because I need the ok from him first).
Chels and I decided to make it a ritual every 9/29 to do this WOD in his honor. It was KILLER. After starting I thought there was no way that I would finish, let alone beat his time. As i got going I got better and ultimately finished with a score of 254 (The Lion got 234)


AMRAP 30 Min (Each Rd is 5 Min with no rest between).
Each 5 Min Rd starts with an 800M Run, then with the remaining 5 min you complete AMRAP (As Many Reps/Rds As Possible) for the exercise listed in that Rd.
Rd 1 Chest 2 Bar Pull ups
Rd 2 HSPU (don't know how you got 50!)
Rd 3 Thrusters w Oly Bar (45#)
Rd 4 SDHP w Oly bar
Rd 5 Box Jumps 20'
Rd 6 Burpees

Total 254 (score for each Rd listed up top)

Sparty would be happy and I will continue to do this whenever I feel the need. Thanks Steve (The Lion) for this WOD! It helped me and my wife.....she did it to but instead just ran 3 miles because she figured it would be a constant run anyway. She wants to do it with me until she can eventually get a couple of reps in. I know she will! This was a worthy WOD and felt like a train smashed me a few times.


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  1. I'll be going to north Carolina for about 8 months without saying to much... its going to hard challenging and fun... training for my new job...but ill try to keep up with what I'm doing now... but this school promises break offs everyday.... something I know youd like