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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I got back from Fort Lauderdale the other day from the GRID draft.  It was awesome running exhibition races and getting to know a lot of my team members on the Miami Surge.  Excited to see what the season holds.   Everything is really busy right now at home and getting time to train will be tough.  Yesterday I had a short bit to train and ended up hitting a huge PR!

1 Rep Clean & Jerk
375# PR

I tried for 385# and got about half way up in the squat so I know it is there.  All about confidence that I can stand with it.

After words I hit:

EMOTM 15 Min:
1 Clean & Jerk 315#

I missed one jerk in the later minutes but otherwise felt good.  I had a few minutes after this to throw in some skill work before the class:

EMOTM 10 Min
5 MU's

I came back in the afternoon to coach our elements class and did some ball slams

100 Ball Slams 50#

This was not for time but just to move some before heading home.  I did 50, stopped for a minute then did 50 more.


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