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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

100 Burpees

Recently I threw in 100 Burpees over the 50 because I "thought" it would be good for me.  Not sure if it is but I am sure it hurts.

Yesterday I started with some OHS.  I have not overhead squared for awhile on purpose and used this to test my 1 rep.

1 Rep OHS
355# (Failed 375 in the bottom)


1 Hang Snatch + 1 Snatch

I hit 235.  I wanted more but I like holding the hook and it was really hurting my hands.  I ended up stopping here.  I then did:

For Time:
100 Push Press 75#
100 Overhead Squats 75#

My time

I have had trouble in the overhead squat since I bothered my shoulder awhile back.  I really felt it here and it took me much longer then I had anticipated.

I came back later and hit:

5 Rep Deadlift
485# (no belt and felt pretty easy.  planning to hit 495 next time which would be a 5 rep PR)


50 Strict HSPU

My time

-Then the burpees-

100 Burpees for time

My time

I maintained a constant pace after 15 to see where I would fall.  the fastest I have done this is 4:04, but I'm not sure how well my hips were opened up then.  Time to get after it tomorrow.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Front Squat PR

Ended up hitting a Front Squat PR 2 days ago and have been consistantly hitting some pretty big numbers.  I am excited about that but believe some of it has to do with low volume so my body is pretty recovered.

2 Rep Front Squat 
395 x 2


1 Rep Push Jerk
335# (stopped here, felt good though)


E:45 for 15 Rds
275 Push Jerk x 2


5 Min AMRAP:
10 alternating KB Snatch 70$
10 Burpees

My score
4 Rds + 2 Burpees

I ended up talking Miguel into hitting this with me after a class an hour later

20 Min AMRAP:
1 Deadlift - 1 Clean - 1 Front Squat - 1 Jerk

My score
32 Rds

This is always nasty.  Felt good that I got some decent training in.


Yesterday's training looked like this

1 Rep Snatch
265# (Failed 285 even though I caught it in the bottom)  shoulders were pretty shot

-then did-

5 Rds
6 Power Snatch 135#
10 Burpees over Bar

My time

This was much harder then I thought.

2 Rep Back Squat
445 x 2

I ended up jumping in with the athlete camp and did:

EMOTM 15 Min:
1 Clean + 2 Front Squats


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I got back from Fort Lauderdale the other day from the GRID draft.  It was awesome running exhibition races and getting to know a lot of my team members on the Miami Surge.  Excited to see what the season holds.   Everything is really busy right now at home and getting time to train will be tough.  Yesterday I had a short bit to train and ended up hitting a huge PR!

1 Rep Clean & Jerk
375# PR

I tried for 385# and got about half way up in the squat so I know it is there.  All about confidence that I can stand with it.

After words I hit:

EMOTM 15 Min:
1 Clean & Jerk 315#

I missed one jerk in the later minutes but otherwise felt good.  I had a few minutes after this to throw in some skill work before the class:

EMOTM 10 Min
5 MU's

I came back in the afternoon to coach our elements class and did some ball slams

100 Ball Slams 50#

This was not for time but just to move some before heading home.  I did 50, stopped for a minute then did 50 more.


Monday, July 7, 2014


This last week has been crazy.  After writing my last post on here we lost power that night and just got it back the other day.  We still do not have internet so I am writing this at the Box, a place that I never get a minute to do something like this.  Instead of writing all that I have been doing this past week I will start with today and also let you know I am still doing my burpees and currently keeping a 1:54 comfortable pace so I will be picking it up soon.

I stared today off with:

5 Rep Front Squat
375 x 5 PR!

Pumped I hit a PR on this, it has been awhile since I have tried for this and never have tried 375# so I am excited.

I then transitioned into:

3 Rep Back Squat
425 x 3

My shoulder has been bothering me and the weight on it did not feel great so I called it here.  I taught the next class and then did:

3 Rds:
50 Wall Balls 20#
10 Clean & Jerks 185#

My time

I have done this much faster before so I am not to happy with my time.  I need to be kicking in my met cons again.  I am about to row a 3 K and listen to a Podcast.