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Monday, June 30, 2014

50 Burpees for 50 Days Part II

Day started with:

Position 1 Hang Snatches
Hit 255# missed 265

I didn't feel great so I stopped after the fail.  Then did:

E:45 for 20 Reps
1 P1 Hang Snatch 235#

I then taught the class and hit 1 that has been awhile since doing

Tabata Deadlifts

47 Reps

Still not 50 but I will hit that + next time.  When I got home I decided to do burpees.  I wasn't sure how many so I started at a conservative pace and as my daughter was talking to me I knew I wouldn't last because burpees + getting tired + constant talking = not working out for long.  I stopped at 2:08 and realized I freaking hate burpees and need to do them for 50 days again.  So, here it goes.

Day 1 
50 Burpees

I am planning to pick my volume back up as I have been pretty lazy and just enjoying myself to much.  Plus, getting signed to an NPFL team (Now NPGL) has me shooting for something sooner rather then later.