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Thursday, February 27, 2014

OHS & Push Jerks Got Me

Mon, Tue, & Wed have destroyed me.  My legs are shot, shoulders are shot and am pumped for the Open announcement tonight.  Tuesday looked like this:

EMOTM 10 Min 
ODD:  Front Squat 280 x 7
EVEN: Push Press 195 x 7


1 Rep Hang Clean from Mid Thigh
315 then stopped
E:30 x 30
255 Hang Clean from Mid Thigh

-with the 9 am class-

Open WOD 11.4
10 Min AMRAP
60 Bar facing Burpees
30 OHS 120#
10 Muscle Ups

My score
1 + 44 burpees

I broke this up a lot and know I can easily get a lot more.

In the afternoon I came back and did:

2 K Row

My time
7:05.5 (I hate rowing but am not hating it as much)


5 min AMRAP
3 Bar MU's
8 Thrusters 45# DB's

My score
7 Rds

Then at the end of the day I played with free handstands and Handstand walks.


EMOTM 10 Min
ODD: Overhead Squat 245 x 7
EVEN:  Push Jerk 225 x 7

I ended up failing on this, got...
7,7 - 0,7 - 6,6 - 2,1 - 7,7 (horribly awesome)


1 Rep Push Jerk
315 (stopped because my daughter needed to be fed, came back and did)


Every :30 x 30 Push Jerks


Open WOD 11.6
Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups
Ladder 3,3,6,6,9,9,12,12.....

My score
18 + 9 Thrusters in 21's (135)

This was all because I did not want to squat or do pul ups.  Excited because I know I could be far into the 21 chest 2 bar pull ups.  I just didn't want to go anymore.

I finished the day with a bunch of GHD Sit Ups and 50 Strict dips (no time).  Today (Thursday) is a rest day and I went ahead and rowed an easy 5K...21:35.   Hvae fun watching the Open where ever that may be.


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