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Friday, February 21, 2014

Light week

So far this week has been pretty light and I am planning to kick it in starting Sunday for the Open.  My plan will be to hit the Open WOD early Friday and then continue training as usual, one and done.  Here is what today looked like:

The Chief:
5 Rds
3 Power Cleans 135#
6 push ups
9 air squats

My score
6+15 - 6+4 - 6+11 -  6+14 - 6+10


1 Rep Split Jerk
-imediately into-
Every :30 x 30
1 Split Jerk 275#

Next I did a horrible EMOTM

EMOTM 10 Min
15 Double KB Swing 70# (Russian)

I only did 4 Rds @ 15 then the rest at 12.  This real sucked.  I then worked some Dynamic Front Squats.

EMOTM 10 Min:
2 Front Squats 165# w Red bands

That was today and I plan to have some more fun tomorrow.  It is also my wives birthday!!!


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