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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Enjoy the Process

The Open WOD gets announced Thursday night so I will be doing the WOD first thing on Friday.  1 and done will be how I will approach the Open with my eyes on maximizing my training leading up until Regionals.  Yesterday was a good training day in that prep:

EMOTM 10 Min:
ODD:  Back Squat 315 x 7
Even:  Bench Press 225 x 7

Skinny Karen
150 Wall Balls 14#

My time

Then worked on some large sets of pull ups.  After teaching the 9 am:

1 Rep Hang Power Snatch

I stopped here because I did not feel great


E:30 x 30
1 Hang Power Snatch 205#


10 Rds
Every 2 Min
250 M Row
7 Box Jumps 30 inch

Rest time remaining in the 2 min.  Completed all under 1:07 and averaged 1:04.  At the end of the day I played with some GHD sit ups.


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